Monday, July 3, 2017

SG | Daiso Haul (July 2017)

Time for another Daiso haul post!  😍

(1) Big laundry bag - Not to be used as a laundry bag but more of a stuffed toy bag container.  Seriously hate leaving the Daughter's stuffed toys out in the open where they can easily gather dust.  At least now they're all snug inside this bag.

(2) Magnetic message sheet - Currently stuck on the fridge for quick notes jotting.

(3) Balls of yarn - Have started crocheting again.  Mainly because the Daughter has been bugging me for Barbie clothes.  😁

(4) Magnetic sponge holder - Will be sticking to the fridge as a handy container.

(5) Jewel stickers - For the Daughter's craft projects.

(6) Jump rope with counter - I've been hoping Daiso would come up with something like this.  This device counts your jumps when skipping rope.

(7) Straw brush cleaner - Extra small for those straws that the Daughter's drinking bottles come in.

(8) Remote control holder - Will be using for another purpose too (to be revealed in my next post.)  😊

(9) Sponge holder that hangs from the faucet - To replace our old one as mold has settled on it and I find I could not remove them already.

(10) Plastic container - For the Daughter's collection of small Lego sets.  A word of caution though.  The lid does not close tight so it's best to still have an elastic around it for a more secure fit.

(11) Pink spatula with clear handle - Because it's a cutie!  Plus our spatula has done missing and no one's owing up who misplaced it.

(12) Rainbow jump rope - Since the Daughter has told us she wanted to learn to skip rope, too.  Best thing with this piece is you can actually cut the rope shorter to just the right length for your child.

(13) Magnetic tape - To turn ordinary items to magnetic sticking machines!

(14) Kitchen sponge - Material doesn't really seem like a sponge but looks like it's made from layers of cloth.

I'm been wanting to stop using sponges for washing dishes as I'm getting disgusted by them and have been hoping to find an alternative that I can just throw in the wash from time-to-time.  For me, the only clean sponge is the one that comes out new from the pack.  This new Daiso product seemed like the perfect solution as it seems machine washable.  Will be testing soon enough.  😁

(15) Metal wire for bracelets - For a craft project I've been thinking of doing.

(16) Pearl head pins - Also for a craft project.

(17) Water bottle holder - Ever experience buying a bottle of cold water outside and finding yourself carrying it around until you finish the whole thing because you don't want to place it inside your bag where it might drip all over your other stuff?  Well this item holds your cold water bottle in place and simply lets you attach it outside your bag.  Handy!

That's it for this Daiso haul.  😍

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