Saturday, June 24, 2017

CRAFTY | DIY Barbie Handbag

The Daughter has started playing with Barbies and as can be expected, has been asking for clothes and accessories for her dolls.  Unfortunately, these things cost too much and I'm not really too gung-ho on spending too much for them.  Heck!  A set can cost as much as the Daughter's own shirt!

So what's a mom do?  DIY, of course!

For instance, to make a simple handbag for Barbie, I bought:
  • a small coin purse (the smallest I could find); and
  • a synthetic leather bracelet (make sure it comes with extra chain links).
I've said it before, Daiso is LOVE.  These 2 things I bought during my last Daiso shopping trip, making this bag cost a mere S$4.00 only.  😃

Assembly is as simple as connecting the bracelet to the coin purse itself.  I used the extra chain links to secure the bracelet on to the purse.

A little bit of metal twisting and viola!  A DIY Barbie purse for the Daughter to play with.  Didn't even break the bank!

And the best part is, once the Daughter outgrows her desire to play with Barbie dolls, she can simply deconstruct everything and use both the coin purse and bracelet exactly as they were meant to be used.  No waste!  😄

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