Friday, March 3, 2017

FAB FIND: Lite Brix

Like a lot of kiddoes, the Little Girl loves playing with Legos.  And although, she is isn't a Master Builder, she does so enjoy building and playing with those Disney Princess and Lego Friends sets (such an evil marketing ploy!!!).

We have since stopped adding on to her collection and vowed never to buy her another one (Lego or anything remotely similar again).  But when we stumbled upon this Lite Brix set, we just couldn't resist.
Lite Brix

Hey!  But I do have an excuse a reason.  My saving grace lies on the fact that this set was on sale!  Was originally around S$20 plus, but was marked down to S$10 (approx Php340).  It was just too good of a deal to pass up!  ;)

So what exactly is it?  Developed and manufactured by the Cra-Z-Art company, Lite Brix functions similarly as Legos.  You have the blocks and you connect to form your sets/creations; but the main difference is, these bricks light up!

Each set comes with it's own battery pack and 2 flat square bricks which stores the led lights.

Battery pack
Unlighted, it looks just like an ordinary building set.

But turn on the lights and that's where the magic happens!

As you can see, these lights are extremely bright and they change colors too (feels like being in a disco.  Gosh I feel so old!).

As far as I can tell, Lite Brix sets catered to "little girls" comes with it's own figurine.  I did compare it to a Lego Friends figurine we have and I'll have to be honest, I still prefer Lego's -- mainly because theirs looks a little less plasticky and has a fuller shape (yes, I am not a fan of stick thin type figures).  READ: Lego's just seem to be better made, and with detachable rubber hair!.

Battle of the Figurines

The bricks themselves are ok.  Quality is fantastic!  No complaints here.

Hence, we move on to the next pressing question -- is it compatible with Lego pieces?  Yes.  See those 2 bottles on the counter?  They're from one of our Lego Friends sets and they fit perfectly!

 We The Little Girl is so lovin' this set!  Hope they release a build-able lamp soon!  It would be perfect as a table lamp!  :)

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