Saturday, October 15, 2016

FAB FIND: Kokuyo's Harinacs (The Staple-free Stapler‎)

Ok.  I know the title may be a bit confusing.  But allow me to explain.

Stapler's use (staple) wires to stick paper together.  A life saver for adults, but staple wire and kids make a really bad combo.  Enter Kokuyo's Harinacs - the staple-free stapler‎.

Kokuyo's Harinacs (The Staple-free Stapler‎)

It works exactly as the name implies.  It staples bits of paper without the use of staple wires.

How it works is quite simple, really.  You position the stapler where you want to join/connect your papers to.

And punch away!


The staple mechanism connects papers by punching a small piece of paper out and inserting/tucking in the cut out piece in another slot.  To be fully effective, you'll have to connect your papers using the method described in the illustration below:

  1. Child-friendly!  Staple wires are sharp objects, small but nevertheless still deadly.  With Harinacs, no more accidental punching and no more small metal objects that kids might suddenly swallow.  It's just perfect for kid's crafting needs!
  2.  Environment-friendly, too.  No need for staple wires mean no more discarded wires in the trash. Easier to run through a shredder, too. 
  1.  As mine is a smaller model, it can only staple 5 pieces of paper at a time.  But as it is for home use only, then this isn't such a deal breaker for me.
  2. No second chances.  What I mean to say is, once you punch, the hole's there!  If you realize you missed a page and would need to re-roganize your papers, then you can't punch in the same exact area.
  3. As expected, it's a bit pricier than a normal stapler.  Mine costs S$12.00 (approx Php408).  Larger and more heavy duty models are priced higher.
Still quite an amazing product, though.  Truly amazing!


Kokuyo's Harinacs: the staple-free stapler‎ are available online or from specialty Japanese stationery shops (like Tokyu Hands).

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