Friday, July 4, 2014

PH | Mr. Kimbob Korean Health Food

Finding a need for a change in cuisine, the family decided to try Mr. Kimbob for dinner one night.

Mr. Kimbob

I must admit, I've never had much experience with Korean food before this.  Oh sure, I've been to BonChon's countless of times; but I seriously doubt if they can be classified as a good representation of traditional Korean fare, no matter how darn great their fried chicken is.

Kidding aside, I guess it was high time for us to try at least a more traditional Korean meal, which in this case is Bibimbob, Mr. Kimbob's signature Bibimbap dish (cheesy word play.  Kimbob = Bibimbob?  Get it?  Take note it is a registered trademark.  Hmmm... Moving on...)


Similar to Bibimbap, Bibimbob (Php99.00 for a regular serving) is a mixed rice dish of namul (sauteed vegetables), a choice of meat (in this case, chicken, pork or beef), gochujang (chili paste) and a special sauce.  A runny fried egg is placed on all this goodness.  Mix everything well.  Best eaten pipping hot. 

We also couldn't pass up the chance to have a bowl of Japchae (Php99.00), too.  Just as sweet and savory as the one BonChon sells.  Yum!


I guess you can say our first formal foray in Korean food was a success.  Can't wait to try something else from the menu next time!  J


Mr. Kimbob Korean Health Food
FS-10B SM Foodcourt, SM Bacoor
Habay 11, Bacoor, Cavite

Please visit the Mr. Kimbob website (click here for the site) for more information on menu items and branch locations.


  1. Kaka-post ko lang tungkol sa Mr. Kimbob. We enjoyed it pero kulang yung pagkaluto sa kanin.

  2. It's like Pepper Lunch no? :)

    ♥ joei

    1. Almost like Pepper Lunch but I think I like Pepper Lunch better. Mr. Kimbob is ok naman but there are more choices in Pepper Lunch. =)


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