Monday, June 9, 2014

PH | SUN Broadband Internet Settings for Android Tablets

We're quite lucky as our location here in Cavite has a good enough SUN Broadband internet signal, hence we decided to subscribe to unlimited postpaid package.  There are instances, however, that I would need to have internet access in our Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, too, for messaging, playing games and whatnot.

Not wishing to buy a wireless dongle router (or something to that effect), I simply switch and transfer our Sun Broadband Internet sim from its dongle device directly to the tablet.  The first time I did this, the tablet didn't automatically connect to the net.  And upon calling customer service, was informed that I had to physically drop by a Sun Cellular shop to have their people manually configure our device.

It was totally ridiculous!  Most especially since what their staff did was so simple that I could have easily done it at home if they were kind enough to have provided me with the settings through the phone from the start.

So in the interest of saving other Sun Broadband internet users the hassle of having their devices configured pa in a SUN shop, listed below are brief instructions on how to get your broadband internet working for your android devices.

Source: SUN Cellular website

1. Go to Settings -- More settings -- Mobile networks.

2. Go to Access Point Names.

3. Click on SUN INTERNET.

4. Edit Access Point Settings, making sure it follows all the items listed below (details in the screenshot below).

5. Click on APN and type in fbband.

Additional reminder: Make sure your Network mode (Settings -- More settings -- Mobile networks -- Network mode) is set to WCDMA only.

That's it!  Your broadband internet sim should be working fine at this point.

If all else fails, then please call their customer service hotline (toll free when using your SUN Cellular mobile phone) at 333 for more detailed assistance.  Hope this helps.  J


  1. Iyan minsan ang nakakainis sa mga customer service ng telcos natin. Imbes na padaliin ang mga bagya-bagay ay pinahihirapan pa nila tayo.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. So agree! They should be more considerate and consider efficiency when planning on their process/procedures for simple items such as these. Considering the number of people always in line in any SUN shop, you'd have thought they would have tried to lessen the need of additional customers lining up pa. =(


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