Friday, June 20, 2014

PH | Easy To Learn (ETL) Books: This Mommy’s Best Friend

I started reading to the Little One when she was but 3 months old.  It started off with the Pat the Bunny Sleepy Bunny book.  Later on, we progressed to picture books (aside from continuing simple story ones).  And now she is enjoying full story books. 

It’s a good activity that I always recommend to all parents as I believe this helps little ones appreciate books more if you start them off early.  And I’ve been seeing the results, too.  She now knows all her letters and basic mathematics plus knows simple words by sight.  So happy!  J

But now that the Little One is a 2-year-old toddler, she has already developed her own story preferences.  Whereas before, it was so simple to just pick a book that will catch her attention (bright pictures being the top priority), now she won’t listen to a story unless it’s something she really likes.

For now, she’s absolutely in love with Dora the Explorer.  And as much as I would love buying her a new book at least once a week, budget permits me to be that extravagant.  Thank heavens, though, for Easy To Learn (ETL) books.

The Little One's ETL book collection
Easy To Learn books is a part of Precious Pages Corp., a Philippine-based publishing company that reproduces and creates story and activity books of popular characters.  They originally dealt with the printing of Tagalog romance and horror pocketbooks; but later on decided that they could also cater to children’s needs by offering age appropriate products, as well.

Holding special character licenses enables them to locally reprint well-known titles at a lower price.  Take, for instance, a compilation book of 5 Disney Pixar stories and a single tale Dora the Explorer storybook sell for Php109.75 and Php59.75, respectively.  So easy to squeeze into the monthly budget. J

A few ETL published storybooks

Aside from storybooks, they also offer School and Home Workbooks (selling for Php49.75 each) that can teach children basic skills that they need for school (i.e. letters, numbers, etc.)  Each book comes with wonderful pictures and simple activities that make learning fun and easy.

ETL School and Home Workbooks

The Little One’s favorite now is their scissors skills workbook that helps her develop proper cutting and pasting skills (don’t worry, she’s allowed only plastic safety scissors and only if an adult is present, as well).

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again.  Thank heavens for ETL books.  It’s definitely this mommy’s best friend.  J


ETL books are available at all National Bookstore and Precious Pages outlets nationwide.  Please visit their website at for more information about their other products.


  1. I plan to do this with our child. Talagang sasamhan ko siyang magbasa at siyempre sa paglalaro niya. It's a good bonding. At saka marami akong matuturo sa anak ko kapag nage-enjoy siya.

    Thanks for sharing these books. Matingnan nga yan sa future.

  2. Yup! It's really good to start them off early. =)


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