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PH | Bang's Tony & Jackey Beauty Salon's Aqua Volume Rebond

I've always had ruly, unmanageable hair for as long as I can remember, hence the introduction of rebonding services here in PH is a blessing.  I've been having my hair rebonded or relaxed once a year since 2002.  It's an expense that I make sure is always included in the yearly luxury budget.

Whereas before I used to have my hair rebonded at a David's Salon (since they always deliver consistently great results), I had to stop and look to other establishments when they eventually jacked up their prices (what used to cost me Php3,000 is now priced at Php5,000 to Php6,000, depending on the branch!).  Too much for my already hurting wallet.  Hence, the need to try other salons.  I've been happy with the results, so far.

The one thing though. that always gets me though is how lifeless and limp my hair tends to look when newly treated.  It's always the case wherever I have my tresses done.  It will look it's best at least a month or 2 after treatment.  It was only recently that I learned I could forego this agony by a undergoing a Volume Rebond instead, which for now only a handful of salons offer.  One of which is at Bang's Tony & Jackey Beauty Salons.

SOURCE: Bang's Tony & Jackey Beauty Salon (SM Bacoor branch) website

I know Bang's T&J Salons have been around for a few years now; but I have to admit, never once did I consider trying them out before.  For one thing, I was quite happy with the services of my regular salons (more frequently at David's Salons for haircuts and Going Straight Salon for treatments).  Second, I've heard countless stories of hard selling their customers are subjected to from their people, trying to make them purchase additional services and products.  Not my type of place.

But the offer of a discounted price of Php2,500 (originally an astounding Php6,000!) for their Volume Rebond was just too good to pass up.  So off I went to their SM Bacoor branch early one Saturday for a much needed, and highly anticipated, Volume Rebonding session.

The results?  Pretty good, if I do say so myself.  Here's what my hair looked like after treatment.

After volume rebond

What I love about it is that (PRO #1) my hair didn't turn out too limp or flat, unlike what I experience with a normal rebond session.  Another plus is that (PRO #2) the whole treatment actually took less time than my regular rebonding session (why it was so, I can't explain.  All I know is, I came in at 10:00 a.m. and was done by 1:30 p.m.)

But the ultimate test is if it still looks the same after a month from treatment..

A month after

Still looks ok, except for the part on my right that slightly veered outward.  I was informed of this, though, as apparently (CON #1) the treatment works best on certain hairstyles.  I was actually made to sign a waiver form when I refused to have my hair cut to what they wanted (I just had my hair cut a week before the treatment and didn't want the additional expense).

Would I have the treatment again?  Hmmm... Although I love how my hair looked after, I'm still not so hooked and would most probably have my usual normal rebonding session next time.

Why?  Well, the main reason for me enduring rebonding sessions is because I am lazy.  Yes, I will not mince words here.  I am the type of person who hates fussing with my own hair.  I prefer the wash and wear type of hairstyle.

And with Volume Rebonded hair, you're (CON #2 - Personal reason only) always asked to dry your hair in a certain way (a technique that's better shown in person than set in words  J).  Simply not for me, as I've said, I'm too lazy to fuss anymore (Heck!  I'd be lucky to have even just a few minutes to myself; let alone dry my hair, what with the Little One constantly demanding attention.)  Sorry, not just me.

Overall, though, a good experience.  At least I was able to try it out once.  J


Bangs Tony & Jackey
2nd Floor, SM Bacoor
Cavite, Philippines
T        +63 46 417 9249

Please visit the Bang's T&J website (click here for the site) for more information on their services and branch locations.

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