Friday, May 30, 2014

Wish Fulfilled! A Stay at the Intercontinental Manila Hotel.

Intercontinental Hotel Manila...  The name just exudes sophistication at every syllable.

Intercontinental Hotel Manila in Makati, Philippines

If the Husband's pre-marital / college-era wish list included a stay in the Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila (of which we have already fulfilled a number of times over -- check my posts here and in here), I, for one, have always wondered what the Intercontinental Manila Hotel looked like from the inside.  Finally got my wish early this year when we had a little staycation over.

I don't know about you, but one of the things I love about staying in hotels are meeting the uber-friendly staff who know how to meet your needs head on.  With the roles I play everyday (being a mom, a daughter and in the HR profession), a little pampering is always a welcome change.  Let someone else worry about the other things for a while.  Right now I'm here to be lazy.

So it's really no surprise that one of the things I look for in hotels is great customer service.  If I've experienced that from the start, then I know we're in good hands.  And with the Intercontinental Manila Hotel, they showed us just that.

Coming from our place in the city, the Husband and the Little One were getting restless.  Since I, for one, do not have the patience to deal with any kind of whiny-ness at the crack of dawn, we decided to arrive early at the hotel to just leave our bags then go a little mall-hopping around nearby Glorietta.

But surpirse, surprise!  The people of Intercontinental Manila Hotel were extremely kind enough to have let us check in really early (at no extra cost, mind you)!  I know for a fact that it was because we had the Little One with us that we were given special consideration.  Still, I am forever grateful.  It left us with plenty of time to freshen up before the mall opened.

Lovely lobby

Our room, a lovely classic accommodation, was comfortable and clean.

Our room

Beautiful wood pieces and furnishings available, even extending to the bath.

Toilet and bath

Sort of reminds me of rooms at the Manila Hotel before their last renovation.

And with a view of the commercial district like this, I really can't complain.  I've always wanted to take a photo of Glorietta at this angle.

Glorietta from our room

The following morning found us trooping over Cafe Jeepney for our breakfast.

Jeepney replica

A mix of various Filipino and international cuisines are offered for their guests to enjoy.

Cafe Jeepney early in the am

Bread, meats, sweets -- the choices are plenty.


While some people opt to take a dip in the pool to burn off those extra calories...


... I, personally, enjoyed going around the public areas, taking in some of the interesting pieces the hotel has on display.

Part of a wooden mural displayed along a small hallway

Wooden statue

Truly a relaxing and enjoyable stay.  J


Intercontinental Manila Hotel
No. 1 Ayala Avenue
Makati, Philippines 1226
T     +63 2 793 7000


  1. Nice naman. Bihira sa hotel ang nagpapaearly check in.

  2. It's really nice how the staff are always accommodating and willing to help. They also do not stare when I as for loads of toiletries (it's a shame that I hoard them) :)

    That was a nice stay at the Intercon :)

    1. I do sometimes too. Usually shampoos and small soaps kasi they come in so handy when traveling. =)


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