Friday, May 9, 2014

Fusion Love: Tokyo Cafe

I might just be a bit biased; but have you ever noticed that Japanese-Western fusion cafes almost always serve delicious food?  From TCC to Pasta de Waraku (both Singapore-based groups) to Bubble Tea Restaurant here in Manila, almost every restaurant I've been to serving this type of cuisine has yet to deliver less than outstanding grub.

And here's one more I add to the list of favorites -- Tokyo Cafe.

Tokyo Cafe at Mall of Asia, Pasay

With us 3 girls (the Madir, the Little One and me) in need of a little rest after our initial morning jaunt at MOA, we decided that a much-needed nourishing lunch was in order, hence we ordered a simple enough meal at Tokyo Cafe that all of us could share.

The Carbonara (Php250) was very creamy and came with a generous serving of mushrooms and bacon bits.  The Little One loved this dish, in particular (what is it with kids and messy food, anyway?)


And for some protein, we ordered a Family Pack-sized Chicken in a Basket (Php475).  Comes with 7 crispy and juciy pieces of chicken and a serving of fries with ketchup and gravy on the side.

Chicken in a Basket

At first glance, the gravy seems to be too watery leading one to believe that it may be a bit bland; but appearances can be misleading as this one is anything but.  Really flavourful and compliments the chicken quite nicely.  Guess you really can't judge a book by its cover.

Tokyo Cafe also serves a variety of pizzas, rice meals, and desserts, among others.  Yum yum!


Tokyo Cafe
Ground Level, South Wing - Main Mall Bldg. SM Mall of Asia
Pacific and Ocean Drives, Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay, Philippines
T        +63 2 556 0517

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  1. Hi! I miss blog hopping. Been so busy that I wasnt able to do any of my usual rounds ;) I see people posting about Tokyo Cafe but I haven't tried it yet. Thanks for the review!


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