Monday, March 31, 2014

Midas Hotel and the Casino -- the New Hotel in an Old Building

Pasay City will always hold a special place in my heart.  It's along one of it's busiest streets that I grew up in, living in a compound alongside family members.  It's heaven on earth (although a tab dirty and smoky) but it's a big part of me.

Hence, any place in Pasay City has always held a certain fascination.  Take the old Hyatt Regency Hotel along Roxas Boulevard.  I've passed by this place hundreds of time as I was growing up.  I've seen it at it's heyday and later on, abandoned and alone, seemingly left to rot.

Quite recently, though, they've opened this grand building again.  This time under the name Midas Hotel and Casino.

Source: Midas Hotel and Casino website

Arriving in the wee morning hours (long story.  In a nutshell, we came from Singapore that time.), we were greeted with a modern, luxe lobby with highly interesting decor.


Rumor has it that the "Pacman" invested quite a sum in building the Midas.  Hmmm... maybe that explains the boxes of Hermes (and some of their bags, too) being prominently displayed at the lobby.  Hey!  It's no secret the wifey's a fan, right?

Our room was nicely decorated, too (albeit with no Hermes boxes in sight.)  Comes with a small balcony.

Deluxe room in pictures

Everything was going OK; until, that is, we found out our tub drain was clogged.  Even after repeated calls and attempts on housekeeping's part to fix it, it was to no avail.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Lanterns lighting the halls

We arrived just in time for breakfast (6 a.m. to be exact).  So after dropping off our luggage and taking a nice, warm bath, my family and I went on to Midas Cafe.

Good surprises

Rows of chaffing dishes filled with various kinds of food.  It's normal hotel breakfast fare and we happily stack our plates with grub.



Tummies happy, we sleepily head on over to our room and sleep til 2 in the afternoon (didn't I mention we had a really early flight?)

Good rest... just what the doctor ordered.

Do not disturb


Midas Hotel and Casino
2702 Roxas Boulevard Pasay City 1300, Philippines
T     +63 2 902 0100



  1. Trademark na nga nila yong Hermes boxes sa lobby ^_^

  2. Hello! :) Just dropping by to say a quick hi. I have not opened by my blog in a while, until today. I see that you're still writing beautiful, informative posts about Singapore. I hope everything is well with you and your family :)

    1. Welcome back to blogging! Don't worry, we all have our own periods where blogging just takes a back seat (heaven knows I've one too many.) Hehehhe!

  3. Isa ka palang batang Pasay. :-)

    I only visited very few places in Pasay City. MoA, NAIA, Villamor (is that in Pasya?)

    Good thing that they resurrected an old building. At least one building is not rotting because it was abandoned.


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