Friday, March 28, 2014

banapple -- More than A Sweet 'Lil Thang (And Sandwicheese!, Too)

banapple is best perhaps known for their delicious banoffee pie.  Well, that's what I usually associate them with; most especially since it's been a birthday staple treat, brought to the office by those lucky enough to be living near or driving through it's premises (mainly those living in the North Metro Manila area).

But what used to be a once a year treat is now made more accessible to those from all around (whee!!!) by banapple's aggressive expansion.  From the original location in Quezon City, they have since opened 7 more!  Now that's progress... uhmm... a successful expansion.

banapple pies & cheesecakes

With their great expansion efforts, banapple has also expanded their offerings, including tons of tasty, savoury meals to their repertoire.  They're more that just a sweet face, honey.  'Cause now they're bringing out the big guns by way of their savoury dished, too!

Lasagna Roll-Ups (Php195)

Lasagna Roll-Ups

Delicious Lasagna served in quite an unusual way from what you'd normally expected this dish to be prepared in.  Slight change in preparation aside, banapple's Lasagna Roll-Ups is simply a tasty, meaty, and all-around cheesy dish that will have you asking for seconds.

Banoffee pie (Php105 for a slice)

Banoffee Pie

And who in their right mind, could not resist ordering a slice (or 2... preferably more) of their signature Banoffee Pie.  As the name suggests, this is one decadent dessert made with toffee, ripe bananas and a huge layer of cream.  Add some slices of chocolate and you're good to go.  

I usually try to share my sweets with the Little One and the Husband (apparently that's what a good parent is supposed to do daw -- being a good example and all that J), but I just coulnd't help and be a tad slightly a whole lot greedy by trying to finish this piece all by my happy, lonesome self.  Times like this I miss being single with nary of thought of good model behavior-ness.  Yes, I'm bad that way.  J

Iced Tea (Php65)
My list of "Places that Serve the Best House Blend Iced Tea" is growing.  I now add banapple to that ever growing directory.

Don't cha just love a place that tries NOT to serve powered iced tea?  Yum!

Say sandwicheese!  Signature Frankfurter Sandwicheese (Php145) plus 2

The banapple people's newest concept, sandwicheese!, aims to provide customers with delicious, not-your-ordinary-everyday sandwiches and salads with great sauces.  

In banapple's BGC branch, they're located right inside the store, sort of like a lil bro who keeps on following a big sis around.  No complaints here, though, as they serve one heck of a meal!  Specifically their Signature Frankfurther Sandwicheese.

Signature Frankfurther Sandwicheese

Now for those who love cheese, this is definitely the sandwich for your as this tasty, meaty frankfurter is served with (1) a healthy dose of sundried tomato cream cheese, (2) mozzarella, (3) parmesan, and if that wasn't enough, (4) a gooey melted cheese sauce, as well.  Oh and there's also another special non-cheese sauce.  Put them all together (in a cornmeal bun) and what do you have?  Goodbye diet!  Hello indulgence!  In a word, Yum!

Now you couldn't just eat a dog without fries right?  So make sure to order some of their Classic Skin On Fries (an additional Php80)...

Classic Skin On Fries

... and a Dalandan Passion Slush (additional Php20).

Dalandan Passion Slush

Sweet!  J

banapple and sandwicheese! 
Street Market, SPG GF Market Market
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


  1. I love Banapple too kaso liit ng branch nila sa ATC tapos lagi pa puno kaya sa iba na lang kami kumakain.

  2. I miss Banapple! Bakit ba kasi anlayo sa kin. @_@

  3. I love their hickory pulled pork and roast beef sandwich!

    1. They have Hickory Pulled Pork? I'll try that next time. =)

  4. Looking at the photos here made me really hungry. Tsk. I hope their expansion reaches Batangas soon. And I mean real SOON. :D


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