Friday, October 4, 2013

BreadTalk® Alternatives in Singapore (Petit Provence and Crystal Jade My Bread)

When BreadTalk® entered the Philippine market a few years back, they made such a huge impression that, up til now, a long queue is but only the norm in almost all their branches.  And to a population of otherwise voracious rice eating people, this came as such a surprise.  I mean, we are more or less hardwired to have rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (sometimes merienda, too, if you count our local rice-based kakanins).

Now in Singapore, these unique bakeries are also well-represented (case in point, BreadTalk® is a local venture).  But aside from them, there are also other places you can go to get your bread fix.

Petite Provence, Tampines 2 mall, Singapore

Petite Provence

First stop, Petite Provence, a Japanese-style bakery selling various specialty sweets and breads.  We visit a stall whenever we find ourselves within the vicinity of a branch since their offerings make really good, filling snacks.

Our favorites?  The Little One loves their Raisin Cream Cheese (S$1.60 / Php52.80*).  Rich milky cream cheese mixed in with bits of raisins inside a soft white bun.  It's a good combination of sweetness (from the dried fruit) and saltiness (from the cheese).

Raisin Cream Cheese

Another family favorite is their Pizza Bread (S$2.20 / Php72.60*). A simple pizza concoction filled with tomato sauce and tomato slices, topped with a generous serving of grated cheese and herbs in a huge sesame seed-filled thick bread crust.

Pizza Bread

A little oily but definitely tasty.  A single order is huge enough for 2 to share.  But I'm selfish, so 1 is just right for me.  J

Crystal Jade My Bread

Betcha ya didn't know Crystal Jade has a specialty bakery noh?  Well, here in Singapore, Crystal Jade My Bread bakeries sell one mean BBQ Pork Bo Lo Bun (S$1.60 / Php52.80), a delicious soft bun with a flaky crust and sweet pork BBQ (a.k.a. asado) filling.

BBQ Pork Bo Lo Bun

Bo lo bao literally means pineapple bun, so aptly named, not because the fruit itself is a required ingredient, but because the flaky top sort of looks like a pineapple's skin. 

Crystal Jade My Bread bakeries also sells delicious Char Siew Baos (BBQ pork buns or asado siopao in our neck of the woods) and Chicken Big Bun Paos.  For those with sweet tooths, their Portugese Egg Tarts are a must-try.


Petite Provence

2 Tampines Central 5

#01-16 Century Square

Crystal Jade My Bread

2 Tampines Central 5

#B1-18 Century Square

Singapore 529509

T      6783 0942

Please visit the Petite Provence and the Crystal Jade website for more information on menu items and branch locations.

Planning to visit?  Drop by my "Getting Around Singapore" post (click here) for more details on how to get around the Lion City.


  1. Contrary to what most people know, SG is actually a good place to go food trippin'. The fusion of dishes from around Asia actually makes everything interesting :)

    1. I agree 100%! It's because of the fusion of cultures here. It's amazing, really. =)


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