Friday, June 7, 2013

Katipunans Filipino Mini-mart

When I first came to live here in Singapore in 2010, we were quite fortunate to have a small grocery store operating inside our estate.  Better still, they also carry a number of Filipino food and beauty products for sale.  It sure eased up on my feelings of homesickness (that time) a bit.  The knowledge that I could just as easily have longganisa (sweet and spicy sausage) or tocino (a type of sweet, fried thick-cut jerky) anytime was a relief since it was a pleasure I didn't have give up when I moved here.

Now the Husband and I have moved to different places since (for some reason or another); and now we find ourselves in a new place where the in-house grocery store, sadly, does not carry any Filipino food products.  ¡Qué horror!

Good thing, though, we stumbled upon this little gem conveniently located at Tampines Central 1, just a bus ride away from our place.

Katipunans Filipino Mini-mart

Now what type of items can you get from Katipunans Filipino Mini-mart?  Well here you have the usual condiments and cooking seasonings (like Lorins patis (fish sauce) and Datu Puti vinegar), snacks (like Chippy and Nova), beauty products, and food stuff, too (includes Lucky Me pancit canton (type of dry noodles) and the like).

I've long gotten used to the fact that items that are sold at relatively cheap prices in Manila, can costs 3 or 4x more here in Singapore.  Take for instance, Purefoods corned beef is S$4.20 (Php138.60*), 555 spanish sardines at S$1.80 (Php59.40*) a can, and Tortillos BBQ chips for S$1.75 (Php57.75*) a large bag.

Regardless of the price, it's still a taste of home.

*S$1 = Php33


Katipunans Filipino Mini-mart
Blk. 510, Tampines Central 1, 01-250G
Singapore 520510

Please visit the Katipunans Filipino Mini-mart Facebook page (click here for the site) for more information on menu items and branch locations.

Planning to visit?  Drop by my "Getting Around Singapore" post (click here) for more details on how to get around the Lion City


  1. Wow! Expensive ha but knowing pinoy, they still buy these products to ease the homesickness. =)

  2. Maybe the lease and other operating expenses our much higher too hence the prices. Anyway, it's nice that there's Filipino store near you. :)

  3. I miss SG! first home..Serangoon, Ang Mo Ko..sigh!!

    1. We used to live near Ang Mio Kio. But we moved recently. =)


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