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Ah Loy Thai: Thai Food in Singapore

Aside from Japanese, another popular type of Asian cuisine here is Thai.  In fact, there are tons of restaurants serving good, quality Thai fare here.  Although I have to admit, it isn't the type of meal I'd usually crave (not much of a fan of spicy food), I do, however, make a few exceptions.

We used to live near Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, a popular outlet mall here in the Lion City (read my full post about them in this here link).  Now aside from the shopping, we'd visit this place often because of a stall at the basement food court selling great, tasty Thai dishes (their pineapple rice is the best!.)  We, however, moved to a new place and now live far away from there that a spur-of-the-moment visit isn't possible anymore.

So when the husband suggested we try Ah Loy Thai, a Thai restaurant located in a mall near our new place, I just couldn't resist the lure of having pineapple rice again.

Ah Loy Thai at Tampines mall

So what exactly can a person like me, who doesn't really like spicy fare, eat at a Thai restaurant?

For starters, how about a plate of Thai pandan chicken (S$10.00/Php330.00)?

Thai panda chicken

It's basically fried chicken wrapped in pandan (screwpine) leaves.  Using the leaf is supposed to infuse the meat with its sweet and fragrant aroma, similar to what it does to rice.  This version is tender and savory.  Coupled with either their sweet and spicy or honey-infused (and slightly salty) sauce, makes it a perfect appetizer (eaten as is) or with a cup of white fluffy rice.

But we didn't come to dine at a Thai restaurant just to order a boring cup of plain white rice.  We just had to have pineapple fried rice (S$7.00/Php231.00) in remembrance of the good old days.

Pineapple fried rice

Pineapple fried rice is just like any old uhmm... fried rice.  Except raisins and pineapple chunks are added into the mix, giving this savory dish a sweet and crunchy twist.

This dish was what I'd usually order in the last Thai place we frequently visited so I'd never pass up ordering a plateful here at Ah Loy Thai.  Unfortunately, their version is a little too salty for my taste.   I still prefer the old place's recipe.

Almost everyone has that childhood favorite drink that you get to enjoy only during leisurely weekend family dinners or special occasions.  Our's isn't any different.  Others might have those expensive sparkling juices, but for our family, it's simply black grass jelly drink (with vanilla flavor extract). 

Unfortunately, it's been quite a while since we indulged in this drink that when I saw Ah Loy Thai had one on the menu, I just couldn't resist having a glass.

Thai grass jelly

Thai grass jelly drink (S$2.50/Php82.50) is a simple mixture of water, palm sugar (or any type of simple sugar you prefer), a little flavor extract (like vanilla or banana), and some grass jelly cut into small cubes.  It's almost similar to our own sago't gulaman concoctions but without the tapioca balls plus the jelly is a little bitter when eaten.

The good thing about this drink is that it's only slightly sweet and has an interesting texture.  Good to the last drop.

Ah Loy Thai's a good enough place to start for those wishing to appreciating Thai food better.  They serve good, quality food at more affordable prices as compared to other similar restaurants.

*S$1 = Php33


Ah Loy Thai 
#B1-K17 Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central
Singapore 529510
T     +65 9165 1543

Planning to visit?  Drop by my "Getting Around Singapore" post (click here) for more details on how to get around the Lion City.

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  1. Now I miss Thai food. It's been a while since I went to a Thai resto here.


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