Monday, April 22, 2013

Kuya's™ Special Lumpiang Sariwa

NOTE: I've noticed that all my posts about our return trip to the Philippines, so far, has mostly been centered around food.  But ask any OFW returning to the homeland what they miss most about the country, then food (aside from family, of course) remains the ready answer.  So please bear with me once again for another food entry.  J

Here in Singapore, I rarely get to eat a decent lumpiang sariwa (a local version of a fresh spring roll).  Sure, we have the Vietnamese and Chinese-type spring roll versions and those also being passed off by some Filipino carinderias as similar fare (not!  Yuck!), but nothing really comes close to an honest-to-goodness treat that is the simplicity and deliciousness of this dish.

Now there are tons of establishments that offer really delicious lumpiang sariwa in the Philippines (Max's Restaurant is one that readily comes to mind.  Read my full post in this here link.); but when I find myself pressed for time, then a serving from a Kuya's™ Special Lumpiang Sariwa stall is just the answer.

Kuya's™ Special Lumpiang Sariwa

Kuya's™ Special Lumpiang Sariwa stalls have been around for quite a while now; but it was only this year that I was able to truly appreciate their convenient delicious, having been dissatisfied with them when I first tried them out back in 2011.  But this time, my 2nd taste of a Kuya's lumpia, and I have to say it is indeed a different experience.

Veggie goodness

I wrote an entry about Polland's Fresh Chinese Lumpia (link here) some time back, professing how great and tasty it is.  Kuya's, with I could only suppose was a revamp of the old recipe, surprisingly tastes almost similar (albeit needs a little more tweaking).  Nevertheless, it's definitely a far cry from what they tasted like before.

For Php45 a piece, you get a generous serving of ubod (coconut pith), carrots, garlic, moroccan nuts, and thailand grass (who knew gazing could be so satisfying) among other things (yes, folk, no meat added), surround them in a thin, paper-like wrapper, and you have yourself a delightful treat.

Ask for an extra pouch of their sweet peanut sauce and you've got yourself one tasty meal.  Add Php5 more and they'll throw in a sprinkling of chia seeds (fans of Dr. Oz know what these are.  J)


Ahhhh...nothing like the taste of lumpia to truly make me feel I'm home.


Kuya's™ Special Lumpiang Sariwa
SM City Bacoor
Gen. Aguinaldo Highway Corner Tirona Highway
Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

Please visit their site for more details on stall locations.


  1. Tried this once at SM Megamall. It was an okay dish. I'd rather eat at Goldilocks though. :)

  2. I saw Kuya's stall in other malls but I never thought of trying their lumpiang sariwa. Your made me think of trying the lumpia next time.

    Polland's lumpiang sariwa is delicious? I want to try it! What I only buy in Polland is their hopia.

    1. Lumpia from Polland's really goo. Kaya lang they're not always available in all their location. Konting konti pa lang. =(


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