Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Death Benefit by Robin Cook

Another book from one of the Madir's favorite authors.

Death Benefit by Robin Cook

An exceptional medical student named Pia Grazdani is working for a brilliant scientist dealing in work that could revolutionize the medical field -- developing replacement working organs from tissues of patients.  An unfortunate "accident" in the lab, however, places a damper on things.

Was it just an accident, or did someone wish to stop progress?  And where do 2 ex-Wall Street geniuses fit into the picture? (Read the full summary here at

Robin Cook is known as the master of medical thrillers.  A doctor by profession, he is best known for medical mysteries and suspense novels.  I've read some of his previous novels and I have to say, one need not be afraid of not being able to understand medical jargon for Dr. Cook always writes in a way that the everyday layman could understand these specialized procedures.  Death Benefit is no exception.  The story is interesting enough, chock full of interesting real facts and fictional data.

Pia, the main character, is a tough, independent woman.  Orphaned and sent to foster care at a very young age, she has been the victim of a number (yes, more than one) untoward sexual advances which forced her to learn how to defend herself.  These tragedies also left her with huge emotional scars, which has made it hard for her to be emotionally attached to people.

I do, however, find it extremely ridiculous that almost all the men she meets either wants to court her (I use the term loosely) or take advantage of her (sexually).  Is there really someone in the world with that much sex appeal?

The ending (spoiler alert!) is a little confusing and leaves a lot of unanswered questions.  (NOTE: Dr. Cook's new novel Nano, is about Pia and what she does after the events in this novel.  That might, perhaps be the reason for the less-than-stellar ending).

Death Benefit is an interesting novel, not minding the ridiculously, out-of-this-world good-looking protagonist (as indicated in the novel).

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  1. Interesting read. :) I'm not reading a lot of books this year. :|


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