Monday, March 25, 2013

Day Trips to the Singapore Zoo

I've been to the Singapore Zoo twice already; the first during my trip to visit the ex-BF (now the Husband) here in 2008, and recently last December 2012 when we brought the Little One, the Madir, and a dear friend of the family's for a day trip inside.  And on both occasions, I still get as giddy with excitement as if it was still my very first visit.

Me in front of the Singapore Zoo entrance (circa 2008)

The Singapore Zoo is considered the world's best rainforest zoo.  Spanning an impressive 28 hectares, the park is home to about 315 animal species, 16% of which are considered threatened and endangered. 

At Home with the Animals

The park, ever since its inception, has always followed a modern approach in housing its precious animal residents, opting to use more natural, open (with hidden and inconspicuous barriers like dry or wet moats and glass for safety) environments.

In fact, during my very first visit, this huge monitor lizard welcomed me within minutes of stepping into the zoo.  That's how open and free some of the animals are allowed to roam about.

Lizard crossing. Yikes!

Animals are separated into various zones based on species and environment (NOTE: succeeding photos are not arranged in the proper "zone" order)



Fishes and reptiles

Aside from the animals, there is also a Tropical Crops and Orchid Garden zone that showcases various flora and fauna.

Plant life

All these amidst impressive structures and ornaments that make you feel you are in the center of these animals' habitats.

Note: alligator and elephants in the pictures are statues and not the real deal.

Special Experiences and Shows

This being in Singapore, expect tons of additional unique, special experiences that will make your trip memorable.  Guided tram rides and special tours are available.  Animal rides are also offered for a fee.

There's also a boat ride that lets you cruise along the park's surrounding coast.

Boat ride along the coast

TIP: Be sure to purchase tickets that also include unlimited tram and boat rides.  The zoo's huge and as such, can tire you out easily.  These tram and boat rides provide a good respite from all that walking and are also great ways of conveniently going around the park.

There are also tons of animal shows (our personal favorite is the Elephants at Work and Play show) available so make sure to check the Singapore Zoo website for schedules and show times.

Hard working elephants

Rainforest Kidzworld

Opened in 2009, the zoo's Rainforest Kidzworld offers tons of fun activities for kids to be active while learning something new.  Shows, interactive exhibits, and a petting zoo, among others, are provided for everyone's entertainment.

Rainforest Kidzworld

But the biggest hit for the Little One was the Wet Play Area where she was able to cool off amidst the spraying water fountains and wading pools. 

Wet Play area

TIP: You will get wet so bring extra clothes for both the kids and the adults.  It's also nice to reserve this for the final trek of your zoo trip.  It's a perfect way to cool off after all that walking.

Not Going to be our Last Day Trip

We always enjoy our trips to the Singapore Zoo.  It's really a great place for kids and adults alike to learn more about our animal friends and their habitats.  Definitely visiting again soon.

Happy little campers


Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore 729826

T     (65) 6269 3411

Please visit the Singapore Zoo website (click here for the site) for more information on operating hours and ticketing prices.

Planning to visit?  Drop by my "Getting Around Singapore" post (click here) for more details on how to get around the Lion City.


  1. Wow! ang dami na pala bago. sa sobrang excited ko dati, konti lang pictures ko. nakalimutan ko na kakaikot. hehe!

  2. Buti pa dyan sa SG well-maintained ang zoo. It makes me sad that ours isn't.

    1. So true. We really should makes ours more humane. =(

  3. Oh nice! Planning a Singapore trip soon. Chase, my son, hasn't been there. So will keep the zoo in mind. The Rainforest Kidzworld looks so fun too. Best Regards! :)


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