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Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Note: By special request of fellow blogger, Sunset Goddess ManilaP.S. My sincere apologies for the very late post.  L

I have green on my mind.  Fresh, cool green, that is.  And after going around Singapore's Gardens by the Bay, my thoughts have grown even a shade more verde.

The Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

One of Singapore's newest attractions, Gardens by the Bay is a 10-hectere park situated in the vibrant business hub of the Lion City.  Composed of 3 main areas (the Bay Central, Bay East, and Bay South Gardens), this 250-acre spot was aimed to become a national icon of the state and also as a way of enhancing the greenery of the city.

And before you even roll your eyes at me for featuring only a "garden" in this post (you've seen those all around, yadda... yadda... yadda...), but this place, my friends is worth a half day's trip all its own.  Hey!  I even recommend you forgo *gasp* Universal Studios Singapore in favor of this place if you find yourselves strapped for time (I'm just saying, though...)

Interesting statues

There are a number of attractions one may find at Gardens by the Bay (you may view the whole list at their website), but since I aim not to bore you with all that technical stuff, here are just a few of my top favorite exhibits there:

1. The Supertrees

Supertrees here, there, and everywhere...

It's quite hard to miss them since they dot one of the main entrance ways and has a whole grove (the Supertree Grove) representing them.

These Supertrees might not be much to look at but believe me, they play an integral part of the whole garden's aim.  These man-made structures are vertical gardens in themselves, fitted with various exotic ferns, vines, and orchids.  In fact, the goal is for these plants to completely cover the whole structure, flowing over the top rungs, eventually making them look like a giant, unified tree.  I'm actually counting the years til they do so.  Bet it would be such a wonderful sight to behold.

Aside from that, these structures are also equipped to harness solar energy and collect rainwater for use throughout the garden.  AMAZING!

2. Flower Dome Conservatory

Flower Dome

Gardens by the Bay has 2 cooled conservatories, both located at the Bay South Garden.  The first, the Flower Dome conservatory, houses a huge collection of flora found in the Mediterranean and other similar semi-arid tropical regions.


My biggest regret was I didn't bring my DSLR camera (*sigh*).  Since I had the Little One with me, I didn't want to have to worry about a gadget, too, aside from a fussy toddler.  So I just had to content myself with my Sony point-and-shoot cam.  Will definitely lug my DSLR, and the Husband for baby carrying duties, next time. 

3. Cloud Forest Conservatory

The other cooled conservatory, the Cloud Forest, replicates cool, moist conditions usually felt in select tropical mountain regions.  Those particularly in the 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) to 3,000 metres (9,800 ft) above sea level areas located in South-East Asia, Middle and South America.

Cloud Forest

The conservatory's main feature is the 42-meter (138 ft.) Cloud Mountain, a huge man-made structure that's overrun with various ferns and other plant life.

Views of the Cloud Mountain

A tall waterfall further provides the conservatory with cool, refreshing air (Tip: wear a pair of pants as it get really cold inside these conservatories.)

Taking an elevator to the top level starts off your exploration.  View the secret garden, learn more interesting facts about nature, and explore the crystal cave.

The "secret garden" at the 7th floor

4. Interactive Learning

Have fun learning something new about the environment.  Gardens by the Bay also posts tons of interesting facts about their exhibits and even some interactive learning tools to inform the public of the importance of taking care of out natural resources.

Interactive learning wall

And That's Not All, Folks...

Apparently, additional areas are still being constructed, most notably a Flower Market and an indoor events area. Better watch out for that, too.

So did I convince you enough?  Hope I did.  J


Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953
T           +65 6420 6848

Please visit the Gardens by the Bay website (click here for the site)  for more information on operating hours and ticketing prices.

Planning to visit?  Drop by my "Getting Around Singapore" post (click here) for more details on how to get around the Lion City.


  1. Aaaah. I'm so jealouuus. It was still under construction when we left SG. When we visited there last December, we didn't have time to check it out. :(

  2. ito pala yun. grabe, ang dami ng bago sa SG.

  3. so much to see and do!! thanks for the very fun tour!

  4. I'm sure my daughter would love it there. I've been wanting to go and see Singapore with her. Might do it this year or next :)

  5. Mautak talaga itong mga Singaporeans. Thry don't have a forest? Then they'll ,make one! Astig lang.

    Oh, the supertrees looks so promising. I'm sure that will be a sight to behold the moment those vines reached the top.

    1. Forests? Hmmm...not sure. Although I've seen a lot of wild, green areas here. =)

  6. Hi Tin! Lovely post :) I was in Singapore for just 2 days weeks ago, but I still made sure to be able to visit this new Singapore attraction. Too bad we only saw the trees from afar and it was raining and was already evening, but all's well since they were still quite nice. Will be sure to visit this in the daytime on my next SG trip :) Cheers!


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