Friday, February 15, 2013

Chinese and Japanese Gardens in Singapore

One of the many things I love about Singapore is the fact that there are tons of lush parks scattered all around the island.  The Lion City actually boasts of being a country with at least 50% of its land area devoted to the preservation of its natural, green landscapes.

It also serves a higher purpose for it helps lower the temperature and provides cool, shady areas for the people.  I even find myself not so much bothered about the tropical weather here than when I am in the Philippines, considering that Singapore is actually located nearer the equator than we are.

I have a lot of fond memories centered around the parks here in Singapore -- morning jogs with the cool breeze fanning me down, nightly walks with the Husband after a tired day's work, and of course, our leisure weekend photo walks.  And one of our favorite places to stroll around is at the Chinese and Japanese Gardens.

Chinese and Japanese Gardens, Singapore

Built in 1975 by Taiwanese architect, Prof. Yuen-chen Yu, the Chinese and Japanese Gardens showcases a sample of the northern Chinese imperial landscaping and architecture.

A look around

A stroll through the gardens is such a delight and a photographer's dream.  Filled with statues, pagodas, and other wonderful garden pieces, there's just so much to capture in film, or file.

Me preparing for a shot

Best of all, it's free.  No entrances fees required.

Who says Singapore's such an expensive place to visit?  J


Chinese and Japanese Gardens
1 Chinese Garden Road
Singapore 619795
T          +65 6261 3632 

Planning to visit?  Drop by my "Getting Around Singapore" post (click here) for more details on how to get around the Lion City.


  1. kung ganyan naman ang garden dito, mag morning jog na rin ako. hehe!

  2. looks like such a lovely place for a walk and a photoshoot! :) Too bad we don't have much Japanese and Chinese gardens here in the Phils. Meron man, hindi gaanong well maintained :(

    1. We have a Chinese Garden in Luneta. Not sure if it's nice since I haven't been there in ages. =)

  3. ang ganda ng park. tapos no entrance fee? paano kaya yung maintenance ng place. ang yaman talaga ng singapore.

    1. Not so sure how they do maintain it but they have a government arm that handles all the parks around the country. =)

  4. "Who says Singapore's such and expensive place to visit?"

    My friends say so. Hehe.

    The Singaporeans are smart when they decided to set aside large parcels of land for gardens and natural parks. Now they have place to go whenever they want to feel cool or just want to see some greens.

  5. Why didn't I see this when I went there?
    I only went to the Botanical Gardens with my family. Oh well, next time!


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