Monday, February 11, 2013

A Commune with Fine Feathered Friends at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Singapore may be a small country; but what it lacks for in size, they surely make up for in quality, kid-friendly attractions.

Having been a frequent babysitter to 2 cousins and a nephew, and now having my own daughter to torment (just kidding) too, I've always found it fascinating how they, at such a young age, are easily drawn to animals of all shapes and sizes. 

That being said, the Singapore Zoo (post about this wonderful place to be written soon) will definitely be a hit to the little ones.  But for those wishing to particularly commune with some of our fine feathered friends, then Jurong Bird Park is the place for you.

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Managed by the non-profit organization, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Jurong Bird Park is a famous bird park (the largest in the world per number of bird species and land area) that houses an astounding 380 species of our fine feathered friends.

This huge park is divided into various exhibits based on species, original ecosystems/country (Southeast Asian, African, etc.) or specific characteristics (birds of prey, nocturnal, etc.) 

Just a few of the bird species one can find at Jurong Bird Park

And since this is Singapore, you can be sure that no expense is spared in making this truly a remarkable and wonderful place to visit.

Landscaped gardens with statues

One of my favorite exhibits is the Lory Loft, considered to be the world's largest walk-in aviary for lories and lorikeets.  Aside from the special one-on-one, up-close experience you can have with these colorful birds, special feeds are also available for sale which you can offer to these wonderful creatures.

It's time for lunch!

Other favorites are the Flamingo Lake and Pool, home to a number of these exquisitely pink, exotic creatures.


So pretty (in light pink and white)...

Pretty in pink and white

We're definitely going back with the Little One in tow.  J


Jurong Bird Park
2 Jurong Hill, Jurong 
Singapore 628925
T          (65) 6265 0022

Please visit the Jurong Bird Park website (click here for the site) for more information on operating hours and ticketing prices.

Planning to visit?  Drop by my "Getting Around Singapore" post (click here) for more details on how to get around the Lion City.


  1. It's really a shame I didn't get to visit Jurong Bird Park when I was still living there. :(

    Nice photos, btw. :)

  2. Another reason for me to visit Singapore, I see :). My daughter would love it there.

  3. Did I just read torment? You're a scary Mom. Haha...just kidding.

    This is the best bird park that I have seen so far. I think that it might be better than the Zoobic Safari, which is located in Subic.

    1. Well, torment is such a harsh word but I'm still scared that I might traumatize her. Hehehe!

      Jurong Bird Park is waaayyyy better than Zoobic Safari (or any other similar attractions in the Philippines. It just goes to show just what good planning can do. =)


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