Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mulach®'s World Famous Homemade Ensaymada

In Singapore, there is no ensaymada (as far as I know).  And so it was with much delight that I found out some well-meaning guests of ours brought us a box of Mulach®'s World Famous Homemade Ensaymada straight from the Philippines (cheesy... yes.  But I do so enjoy the simple things in life.  J)

Mulach®'s  World Famous Homemade Ensaymada

Puffy pasty topped with cheese, butter, and a small sprinkling of sugar...  heavenly.

Rows of pastry goodness!

Although I have to admit that there are more delicious and decadent ensaymadas available in the Philippines, but Mulach®'s has always been my go-to brand whenever I want a cheap treat.

A piece of heaven

The Little One had her first taste and I'd say it was an instant hit!  In fact, she'd constantly run to the fridge to grab a piece when no one's looking.  Greedy little thing.  J

Straight from the toaster oven

Mulach®'s  World Famous Homemade Ensaymadas sell for Php15 to 20 depending on the flavor/type and are available in most major malls nationwide (Philippines).


Please visit their website at for a complete list of products and kiosk locations.


  1. mura nga compared to other brand. di ko pa natikaman yan.

    1. It's really good. Very cheap pa. Plus they have a lot of different flavors. =)

  2. I understand the little one, I could easily finish one piece. ;)

  3. Gusto ko din ng ensaymada nila!Pag gusto ko ng ensaymada may binibilhan ako dito malapit samin. Pag binili mo saka pa lang nila lalagyan ng cheese, egg at sugar. Masarap naman kaya lang medyo mahal.

  4. I miss Mulach's ensaymada. Yan ang una kong hahanapin when I get back to Pinas! :)


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