Friday, December 21, 2012

Macau Express @ Singapore EXPO

The Husband and I had our honeymoon at Hong Kong and Macau.  A first for us both to be at those 2 regions.  We were, however, so caught up with trying not to get lost and making the most of the attractions that we, unfortunately, failed to do some research on great places to dine in.

Most of our lunches and dinners in Hong Kong found us embarrassingly munching on McDonald's burgers and fries since it was the most convenient or occasionally at a food court where we'd still order our usual Chinese food favorites (breakfast was always c/o the hotel).

However, in Macau, fate seemed to have intervened and we soon found ourselves near the vicinity of an authentic local restaurant in Senado Square, right after our visit to the Ruins of St. Paul's.  I, however, had the great misfortune of ordering a dish I simply hated and thus, spent majority of my meal frowning in between bites (I hate wasting food kasi so I forced myself to finish it.)

Fast forward to the year 2012, and we, once again found ourselves within the vicinity of a restaurant specializing in Macanese cuisine.  This time located at the Singapore EXPO.

Macau Express @ Singapore EXPO

Macau Express is a restaurant that aims to bring authentic Macanese cuisine to its patrons.  From the appetizers to the main dishes to the desserts, this simple eatery aims to please even the most discerning diner.

Wait staff are on hand to guide you through the ordering process, after which, you pay and submit your orders at the counter.  It’s a different ordering and paying process, which seems like a time-saving technique and a chance to lessen the queue during payments since this place is packed full of tables and chairs.  Yes, isang masikip na daan po sya.

Order and pay here.

Anyway, the food more or less makes up for the look of the place. 

I recommend their Macau fried rice (S$9.90/Php327*), rice with a whole lotta trimmings.  Good enough to eat on its own; no more need for any ulam (viand).

Macau fried rice
Another specialty is the Baked chicken chop rice (around S$10/Php330*).  Baked rice topped with chicken pieces and veggies.  A generous serving of cheese makes this dish one decadent meal. 

Baked chicken chop rice

For drinks, we tried their Sour plum calamansi juice (S$2.50/Php83*).  Nothing spectacular about it.  I still prefer Marche’s version; but I do love the way it was served.  Reminds me of the old days when jars (coffee jars) were used as cups.  Yes, feeling nostalgic, that way.  J 

Sour plum calamansi juice

Please note that they do charge an additional S$0.30 (Php10*) for a glass of water.  Not sure why, so best bring your own bottles of H2O.

*S$1 = Php33


Macau Express @ Singapore EXPO 
#01-43 Sinagpore EXPO
1 Expo Drive 
Singapore 486150


  1. Akala ko ito yung nakainan namin sa Senado, pagcheck ko ng pictures, Macau Recipes pala. hehe!

  2. Pricey talaga dyan noh? BTW, I hope you'll feature hawker centers there. Wala lang, curious lang ako. :)

    1. We haven't been dining in hawker centers recently e. Will try. =)

  3. Ganun? may additional pa ang tubig? Daya! haha!


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