Friday, December 14, 2012

Cheap Dim Sum Find in Singapore: AsterPau

I love me my cheap comfort foods.  And one of those I'd usually indulge in, especially after a bad day at the office or school, is a serving of Hen Lin's Hong Kong style asado siopao.  Many a dinners have found me happily munching on my inexpensive treat while in transit on my merry way home.  It's a quick pick-me- upper and a great reward after a hard day's work.

Here in Singapore, there are the usual high-end (read: expensive) dim sum places.  But I've only recently discovered stalls that offer these tasty, delicious morsels at reasonable prices.  AsterPau is one of them.

AsterPau at AMK Hub, Singapore

It has sort of been a habit of ours to purchase some yummy dim sum at AsterPau for merienda (afternoon snack) after doing a little grocery shopping.

And seeing as how I'm such a fan of asado siopao, I'd never miss ordering one -- which, by the way, is called a pork BBQ or char siew pau (S$1.10/Php37* per piece) -- from this stall.

Pork BBQ or char siew pau

Another specialty is their signature pork bun (S$1.30/Php43* a piece).  It's just like a char siew pau except it's fried and not steamed.

Signature pork bun

I don't usually eat crystal dumplings.  Having tried different versions from 3 various food outlets in the Philippines, the taste just didn't sit well with me so I gave up trying.  But the Husband ordered some from AsterPau's and urged me to give it another go.

Now I sing a different tune.  AsterPau's version has a translucent, slightly chewy covering with a meaty filling and tasty juices inside, just waiting to explode in your mouth.  It is a little oily and messy to eat so always be prepared with a couple of sheets of tissue.  Three pieces sell for S$3 (Php99*).

Crystal dumplings

Looks like I've found my temporary Hen Lin replacement.  J

*S$1 = Php33



53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
#B2-38, Ang Mo Kio
Singapore 569933


Planning to visit?  Drop by my "Getting Around Singapore" post (click here) for more details on how to get around the Lion City.


  1. We just got back from SG last week and our three days stay wasn't enough. The only food we had was chicken rice, ha ha ha.. didn't push through with my planned itinerary as I had to give in to my two girl's wishes.. rest and relaxation.. hopefully next time we will have time to explore the hawker centres

    1. Chicken rice for the whole 3 days?! Yikes! But I understand your problem. When traveling, we'd usually concentrate on discovering the sights first without giving any thought to the food we eat. Ok lang yan! At least you enjoyed your vacation. =)

  2. Mahilig ka pala sa asado siopao. Ako bola bola naman. hehe! Buti naman may natagpuan ka dyan na temporary replacement ng fave mo kainin!

  3. love the crystal dumplings .. transparent lang

  4. I first scanned through the pics and felt extremely hungry - then read the post and found out you're in SG! :) Now where could I find the crystal dumplings and pork bun here? Mag siopao na lang muna ako :)

    1. Aster Pau has a lot of branches here in SG. Most of them near the grocery stores of malls. =)

  5. This reminds me of my high school days! Every after Sunday mass ayan diritso na kmi sa Siopawan! The best thing is that the Siopao is freshly made, mainit tlga ng bongga at best na partner na skn nun Spirit…happy na ako nun …so whenever I visit home I make sure na dapat ma kalaps ulit dun

    I never tried Crystal dumpling…it scared me…hahahha!

  6. Looks yummy nyang crystal dumplings. Amazing that it looks almost clear! :)


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