Friday, October 12, 2012

Crime Alert Signs: A Way of Combatting Misdemeanors in Singapore

Singapore is a relatively safe country to live in.  In fact, it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.  In a 2009 Strait Times newspaper article, author Kishore Mahbubani attributes this astounding statistic to the fact that, among other things, there is trust among the public and the police, there is the creation and enforcement good strong laws, and there is the presence of strong government support for its people.

Low crime rate does not, however, mean that misdemeanors are not being committed in Singapore.  In fact, you'll see these Crime Alert signs around the country from time to time.

Crime alert signs in Singapore

These Crime Alert signs are placed around Singapore in places where a misdemeanor has taken place in the hopes of locating witnesses and gather information necessary to solve the crime.

I am truly heartened whenever seeing signs like this, not because there has been a crime committed, but because it shows a proactive stance by the authorities to try and resolve misdemeanors in a timely manner.

Hmm... I wonder of our dear old Philippines could be able to implement such a procedure.


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  1. I hope they do. Pero asa naman dito di ba? :P
    There's no waaaaaaaay they could implement that without including their names. :P

  2. I also hope ganyan din dito, kaya minsan ayaw ko na manood ng news puro crime. =(

  3. When they do that here in the Philippines, I'm going to treat everyone I know to a tall Starbucks latte. That'll be the day!

  4. mahirap kasi ang pinas kaya mataas crime rates. ;-(

    just me,

  5. Naku sana nga ganyan dito! pero mukhang malabo!

  6. naku di pa ata applicable satin yan, baka mapuno yung sign bawat kanto :P

  7. I hope the Philippines will also implement something like this. It's time that we should also be proactive. Though mukhang malabo sa ngayon, I am still hoping.

    Take care and keep safe always! :)

  8. I'm not sure if my comment went through so I am commenting again.

    I hope that someday this will also be implemented here in the Philippines. It's time we take a proactive stance. Though mukhang malabo, I am still hoping.

    Take care and keep safe always! :)

  9. Maybe one day. Nothing is impossible! We will be visiting Singapore, my whole extended family, 16 of us, next year. The kids want to go to Universal Studios. What are the places that you suggest we go to that will be enjoyable for my parents (80s) and the kids (teens)? Have a great weekend! Patsy from

  10. Hi Patsy!

    Well, aside from USS, Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park are popular attractions here. SG Zoo also has the night safari if you're all up for it. Their site offers a discount for purchases for both attractions. The zoo also offers tram rides so best purchase a ticket that includes rides there since they cover a pretty huge area.

    Sentosa is also a great place to visit and it's also on the same island sa Universal Studios. I do doubt if you could be able to visit both attractions on the same day as both also occupies such a huge area. Ride the cable car since it's also part of the experience.

    If you're curious about the public library, their National Library in Victoria Street is also a must visit. The basement houses tons of fiction and non-fiction books with ample seating. You can rest and stay there for a while and read. Entrance is free. Just beside that is Bras Basah Complex where there are tons of 2nd hand bookstores and art stores. It's a nice place to go around and look for books and art supplies.

    There's also the MINT Museum of Toys located in Seah Street. It's a small 4-storey building that houses a collection of old toys. It's a really nice place to visit too.

    Then there's Suntec Mall that also a light and sound show at night (check the schedule through the web first.) Make sure to go around the Fountain of Wealth (considered the largest fountain in the world) 3 times for luck.

    There's also the huge Singapore Flyer ferris wheel and Merlion Park. Both are quite near with each other but your parents might have a difficult time walking from one to the other. You can also ride the bus or catch a cab naman.

    Then there's also the Marina Bay Sands where you can go up the skyfountain and catch a really nice view of the SG skyline. The shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands also has it's own light and sound show and also houses the ArtScience Museum. It's also near Gardens by the Bay too.

    There are also tons of parks (most notable is SG Botanic Gardens) and museums (if you can't visit all, National Museum of Singapore is the one I recommend) in SG. Parks are usually free but with a few special pay attractions.

    For souvenirs, go to Chinatown. They have a wide assortment and are priced cheaper than at Bugis. Orchard Road is ok if you're into shopping too but for outlet shopping, drop by Changi City Point mall, very near Changi airport. =)

    Hope this helps. =)


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