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NOTE:  How time quickly flies!  Yes, folks, I've been married for more than 2 years now, and silly me, after doing a quick back track of all my previous wedding suppliers review posts, I noticed that I had yet to do one for our strings trio from Libante Strings and photobooth provider, Photobot Manila.  

And since we've been such satisfied customers of both, I've decided to go ahead and prepare a review, albeit a tad (?!) late.  But as they say, "better late than never;"  so please bear with me as I post a few backlogged posts to show our gratitude to these 2 businesses. 

I have been waging a continuous, never-ending battle with dirt and dust for decades.  And as such, I try to keep small trinkets I've accumulated over the years inside glass cases where they'll be sure to still be displayed, but without collecting too much dust.

However, I find that the older I get, the more weddings I get to attend, hence, the more souvenir trinkets I tend to bring home and display.  I'm slowly losing space to place it all!

So it was such a relief to find that the trend for weddings nowadays is to install a photo booth at your party and have it dish out goofy photos of your guests to serve as souvenirs.  So for our wedding, the Husband and I decided to obtain the services of Photobot Manila for our photo booth needs.

The Husband and I on our wedding day

Photobot Manila, owned by husband and wife team Nards and Aggie Nonog,  is a small company providing photo booth services for all types of special occasions.

What makes them so special is the way they provide such personal and gracious service before, and during, our special day.

1. They were so easy to deal with and readily answered all our inquiries.  I've had my fair share of wedding suppliers who took ages to get back to me on my questions.  In the case of Photobot Manila, Aggie promptly answered my e-mails and calls, and was even patient enough to listen to all my concerns.

2. I really loved the layout they did for our souvenir photos.  Our Filipiniana wedding theme was actually conceptualized by accident.  We weren't really set on having a theme in the first place, but we noticed that our color motif (burgundy and ecru) plus the church (San Agustin church) and reception venues (Casa Manila Patio) were leaning towards a rustic, old Spanish-era effect, so we simply went with the flow and made it official half-way through the wedding preparations.

We told Photobot Manila about this and this was what they came up with:

Filipiniana through and through...

3. One of the owners was operating the photo booth himself which was such a great relief.  It assured us that if problems should arise, we were confident enough that they would be able to address it immediately.  (NOTE: I can't be sure if this is still the norm for them nowadays.  Nevertheless, I am eternally grateful for them for being at our wedding reception.  J)

Me and the gals!

4. Being such an OC bride, there were quite a few items I requested which seems a little bit out of hand.  One was of a photo of our wedding bear toppers.

Bears in love

I got the idea while browsing the web for some cute wedding ideas.  So happy that they readily agreed to do this, which they did before the reception party started so the bears wouldn't be missed.

We also had a last minute photo taken with the cousins, a very last request (as in they were already in the process of packing up) but they were gracious enough and readily agreed to have the photo taken at the last minute.  So nice of them.

Crammed close!

Thank you, Photobot Manila, for the wonderful and hassle-free service we received.  J


Photobot Manila
T         (+63 2) 479 1295
M        (+63 917) 795  2775
E          info@

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