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NOTE:  How time quickly flies!  Yes, folks, I've been married for more than 2 years now, and silly me, after doing a quick back track of all my previous wedding suppliers review posts, I noticed that I had yet to do one for our strings trio from Libante Strings and photobooth provider, Photobot.  

And since we've been such satisfied customers of both, I've decided to go ahead and prepare a review, albeit a tad (?!) late.  But as they say, "better late than never;"  so please bear with me as I post a few backlogged posts to show our gratitude to these 2 businesses.  J

I've mentioned in my original Wedding Expenses post that the then-fiancee (now the Husband) and I were quite particular with the wedding budget.  We didn't want to start our married life with debts so we decided early on that we would make a list of our wedding "necessities" and "wants."  Once we've met all the necessaries, then we'd determine if there was still room for the "nice-to-haves."

Well, hiring a string trio was not exactly part of the "necessities" list mainly because we could have just as easily have played recorded songs at the church and the reception area since a full sound system was already provided by our caterer as part of our package.  Shame if it won't be put to good use, right?

But regardless of how practical I wanted to be, I just couldn't shake off the thoughts of soothing violins and pianos in the background while I walked down the church aisle.  So after a little prodding, this "nice-to-have" was suddenly elevated to a "necessity" (never underestimate the power of a woman planning her dream wedding, folks.)

The internet is such a wonderful source of information, wouldn't you agree?  And it was there where I found Libante Strings.

Libante Strings trio playing at our wedding at San Agustin Church
(SOURCE: Libante Strings FB page)

Ok.  So there are a number of businesses offering the exact same service.  Why did I choose Libante Strings?

Well, monetary constraints have led us to be able to budget only for a trio -- particularly one composed of piano, violin and bass players (and yes, I chose not to hire a singer since I was going for a more soothing, musical effect.) 

Well, as I was scouring through the net for a provider, I came across Libante String's YouTube page where I was able to view their rendition of "Looking Through the Eyes of Love" (you can view the exact same video at their site,

I'm not very particular about this song but Libante Strings made me a fan.  They did a really great and beautiful version.  I am not kidding when I say I cried when I heard them play this; so I knew immediately I found our string trio.

After a quick phone chat with Ms. Jenny Libante (yes, Libante Strings is a family business -- a family of musically-gifted musicians, although as they mentioned, they also hire part-time college music majors from time to time), we agreed to meet on the weekend where I immediately placed a down payment and signed a contract.  And boy, am I glad I did!

Our Libante Strings trio at San Agustin Church
(SOURCE: Libante Strings FB page)

They were great!  It was such a treat to be talking to sincere and professional business owners -- no frills and no outrageous promises.  They helped me with our song selections and accommodated my request to add Lea Salonga's Two Words, I Do so I could also sing it to the Husband on our wedding day (It was a surprise for him.  Yihiiii!!!)

The only time I'll ever sing for the Husband

Libante Strings have certainly come a long way since the time we hired them for our January 2010 wedding.  Nowadays, I hear they're being hired for more and more corporate events and was even featured in some ABS-CBN telenovelas.  It couldn't have happened to more deserving people.  J


Libante Strings
1429-D Instruccion St.
Sampaloc, Manila
T          (+63 2) 353 0655
M         (+63 917) 906 2273
E          libante

For a detailed list of our wedding expenses and some handy tips, please visit my Wedding Expenses: Our own Personalized Summary of Wedding Needs and Wants post at this link.

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  1. Wow! You sang for your husband! Sweet!

    Hubby also surprised me with his wedding vow... He sang ,michael buble's "that's all".


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