Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Haircuts at QB House, Singapore

I fondly remember watching those Japan Video Topics shows when I was little.  Mind you, these were during the days when cable TV was a newfangled technology, and us common people were stuck with only 6  (*gasp*) local television channels.  So it was either get stuck watching Kuya Germ's That's Entertainment or this.  I'd usually choose the latter.  It was definitely more entertaining and gave me a glimpse of life in another country.  Surprisingly, they're still being shown with more modern and up-to-date content. 

I clearly remember one such episode showing their viewers just how convenient their train stations are in Japan for the modern working Japanese.  Every conceivable shop selling loads of items, from food to clothing, are made available.  All for the convenience of their commuters as they go about their daily hectic lives.

One thing that clearly stuck to me was the concept of their 10-minute haircut shops.  As the name implies, you get your lovely locks trimmed within the set 10 minute period.  Totally blends in with their lifestyle, don't you think?

So imagine my utter delight to find similar shops also servicing Singaporeans as well.  QB House is one of them.

QB House in AMK mall

Short for Quick Beauty or Quick Barber, QB House offers a basic service with a very simple concept -- you pay S$10 (Php330*) and have your hair shod off within 10 minutes.

In only 10 minutes or less!

Quite ingenious really, as a haircut here in the Lion City costs about S$45 (Php1,400*) in proper beauty salons (and that's usually for a wash, cut and blow dry service only.)  And heaven knows how annoying it is to be sales talked by parlor assistants forcing you to purchase hair remedies and treatments that you might not otherwise need.  Which is why these types of shops fare so well here.

Since this is a Japanese concept, expect the usual time-saving and effecient processes and equipment that is, well, a trademark of Japan.

1. Feed your S$10 inside this machine (this doesn't dispense change so make sure you have the exact amount on hand.) 

Ticket machine

2. A token is released that you have to give to your hairdresser as proof of payment.

QB House ticket

3. Once it's your turn, inform your hairdresser the cut you desire.

4. Sit back, relax and after 10 minutes, you leave with a new do (view complete guide at the QB House website.)  No fuss, no hassles, and no annoying sales talk.  Aaaahhhhhh...  Pure bliss.

QB House also boasts of very high sanitation standards.  Each cutting station is equipped with a sterilizer box which sanitizes all of their tools after each use.  An alcohol hand cleaner is also on hand dispensing necessary germ busting liquid.  An air washer, another trademark of this brand, is used to clean away cut hair from the customers.  It's like a portable vacuum cleaner of sorts.

The Husband always has his hair cut here.  And yes, as expected, they do have a lot of male customers.  As for the females, well, I've seen a few try it out but not as often as the men.  Personally, I'd still have to muster up enough courage to get my locks shod here too (mainly because I've been loyal to David's Salon for so long.  Huhuhu!  How I miss you so.  L)

Maybe in a few more months, when my hair grows to an annoying length, then I'd be forced to try this out.  For now, I'm just as satisfied being a happy observer.  J


QB House

Planning to visit?  Drop by my "Getting Around Singapore" post (click here) for more details on how to get around the Lion City.


  1. i hope we have them here, i also hate sales talk.

  2. wow, interesting concept! Although of course here in the Philippines, walang tatalo sa cheap P50 haircuts! hehe ;)

    1. I'm sure they won't venture out to the Philippines kasi the neighborhood barbero is cheap enough as it it. =)

  3. i remembered when i studied in australia, the haircut was relatively expensive that i had to buy my own electric razor and have my wife cut my hair for me. the cost of the razor paid for itself after about 3 haircuts, ha ha ha.

  4. 10 minutes lang tapos na talaga ang haircut? Maganda naman ba kinalalabasan ng mga haircut?

    1. For a guy, pwede na since they're hairstyles are simple enough. Usually trim lang and they're good to go. For girls, I'm not so sure. =)


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