Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello Kitty Glasses from Mini (A Singapore Shopping Trip Post)

I've never been the adventurous type when it came to clothing.  Having learned early on the value of classic pieces, plus the fact that my frame wouldn't look too well in some of the more recent fashion trends, I decided to simply spend my hard-earned moolah on clothes that fit my body type.

Accessories are, however, a different matter altogether.  I love all kinds and was even sporting one-of-a-kind hip pieces during my younger (read: teenage) years. 

Age and time do bring in their toll and I find my choices of trinkets veering more on age appropriate styles and trends.  But I'm seriously thinking of breaking off this habit for this -- a pair of Hello Kitty glasses!

Hello Kitty glasses

I mean, come on!  How cute is that?!  Wouldn't you be tempted, too?

And who doesn't love Hello Kitty, anyway?  It's the cat who can convey a thousand emotions, and these she does without a mouth!  Rarely have I seen a girl, or even a full-grown woman, not having been drawn to this character at least once in her lifetime.

These Hello Kitty glasses do not come with any type of lenses (even the non-graded kind.)  And, as per my inquiry to the sales staff, this pair could actually be fitted with graded lenses.  In fact, majority of their clientale who do purchase them do so with the intention of having them customized based on their eye grade needs.

The glasses also come in black and animal-print designs, but if you ask me, this white pair with the red ribbon is the best among the 3.  Available at all Mini Toons shops (a store that's almost similar to our Tickles shops in PH, also sells various trinkets and knick kancks) in Singapore for S$10 (Php330.)

Available at Mini Toons

S$1 = Php33


Mini Toons


  1. That is so cute! I want to buy one for my sister. :)

  2. I agree about the accessories! You can wear plain shirts and pants and just liven your look up with funky trinkets and stuff ;)

  3. Go ahead and spoil yourself! We all deserve to relive that kid in us, don't we? If it makes you feel good, just do it :). No kittens are going to be harmed in the process...

  4. ohh gosh i have a love affair with anything hello kitty back in gs haha :D


  5. Such a cool frame!
    I'd buy all frames if I were you :D

  6. This pair of glasses look so cute! :D Although I wear glasses on a daily basis, I'm not to fond of wearing eye-catching ones. But you're right, this one looks so funky and is definitely an exception!

  7. WOW! I so love Hello Kitty... :) I waaaant!


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