Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Best of Archie Comics

My love of reading actually started because of a man.  A special guy who made me laugh, made me think, and kept me up late most nights, more so during summer breaks. 

An American who lives in a tiny town called Riverdale.  And although there was no internet when I first met him, it seems like I knew him so well that almost every aspect of his life has been ingrained into my memory.

Oh!  And did I mention that, technically, he isn't even real?

The Best of Archie Comics

Ahhh...yes.  It's none other than Archie Andrews.  Although I could never understand what Betty and Veronica actually sees in you, you are, seriously, one totally hilarious dude!

Archie comics, alongside old-time classic Harvey comics, were my favorite reading companions.  Looking back, I realized even before that my love of books stemmed from devouring tons of these digests (special thanks to my tita who has quite a collection.)

Although my tastes in reading titles and genre has changed, I find that my appetite for Archie comics remains the same.  Archie's hold never did leave me and through the years my cravings even exceeded that of simply purchasing monthly digests.  It now includes collectible novels like the Archie Americana series and other similar items.  Hence, explains one of my new book buys for the past month -- The Best of Archie Comics.

Over 400 pages worth of Archie comics stories spanning their memorable 70+ years in publication.  This book contains stories chockful of facts about our favorite Archie characters (FYI: Did you know Moose Mason's real name is actually Marmaduke?  Hmmm... Interesting...)

There are short introductions before every story, given by Archie Comics employees, saying why they chose that particular piece to be included in the collection (although personally, I'd wish they'd add more in-depth background information on the stories instead of just telling the readers what and how they felt about each piece.)

All in all, this is one Archie book you'll definitely want to keep.


Available in all major bookstores nationwide (in the Philippines) for Php300+.


  1. I remember a classmate bringing Archie comics in school almost every day.. haha.. I tried to read one, but although I liked it, I didn't go out and buy one for myself. Guess I wasn't that much into reading back in the day.. ^^ Anyway, The Best of Archie Comics would really be a great gift for Archie lovers! :D

  2. Oww, I love Archie! I'm buying this! :)

  3. Everything I learned about life and dating, I learned from Archie Comics. ...not sure if that's a good thing, though. :p

    Please join my That Quaint Store giveaway if you haven't yet:

  4. I used to collect Archie comics before. And because of this, Im dropping by at National Bookstore to purchase one. :)

  5. OMG! This is my childhood! I miss reading these comics! :(

  6. my cousin has collection of this comic books and i've been reading this since elem, if ever we have family reunion... =)

  7. I recall summers when I was a kid when there was nothing to do but read archies under our mango tree in malabon :)

  8. this reminds me that I'm an old bitch...lol..tagal ko na rin din nag babasa ng ganito:) ka miss c hilarious dude Archie:)

    I guess time to embrace my childhood again...lol

  9. This is nostalgia! I used to love reading Archie Comics when I was a kid :)


  10. I super love Archie as well as Betty & Veronica! Followed you through GFC. Pls follow mine, too!


    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting! DDropped by your blog as well. =)

  11. i wasn't really hooked on archie before but the few archie comic books i read were enough to make a lasting impression of a good, fun read!

  12. I love archie! :) i'll never forget how i idolized betty and veronica when I was little :p
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll


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