Friday, March 16, 2012

The Good, the Slightly Off and the Salty at Johnny Chow's

Johnny Chow is one of the many restaurants located at Resorts World Manila.  Serving a mix of Thai, Korean and Chinese fusion cuisine, it aims to reinvent one's dining experience by bringing a contemporary pop feel to what is considered comfort food for most Asians.

Another interesting tidbit -- it's also managed by the same team behind Sumo Sam, Mr. Kurosawa, and John and Yoko.

Johnny Chow

Curious enough?  Well, here's the low down on what's good, what's slightly off and what's salty at Johnny Chow's.

The Good

1. The decor is an experience all it's own.


Stepping inside the dining area reminds me of old Chinese restaurant scenes in those bygone Jackie Chan movies of old.  High-ceilinged and full of knickknacks with a mix of Asian old world feel and contemporary pop art.
Old world meets new charms

2.  Apple cinnamon fruit flavored tea (Php288 for a pitcher)

Ever since Tea Square kiosks closed down (why oh why?!), I have since given up hope of ever finding another place that serves tasty and refreshing apple cinnamon flavored iced tea.  But me thinks I have found a contender at Johhny Chow's version!

Apple cinnamon fruit flavored tea

It's not too sweet and served with lots of apple bits.  Yummy!

3. Complimentary nuts

Served as a complimentary starter before your meal, this small platter of sweet, boiled peanuts is just the perfect start to your gastronomical adventure.

Complimentary nuts.  Do I detect a hint of sesame oil?

4. Sweet and sour fish fillet with lychee (Php300)

I don't exaggerate when I say my dad makes the best sweet and sour fish dish ever (shamless plug.)  I've seen how he makes his version and I know what goes into it.  It's basically almost the same ingredients wherever you go.

But this would be the first time I've encountered a restaurant that adds lychee to the mix.  I must admit, I had a few apprehensions at first but this dish is really good.  No complaints here.

Sweet and sour fish fillet with lychee

5.  Wan chai pork asado and lechon macau (Php310)

I love pork asado but I've never been a fan of lechon macau.  The latter reminds me too much of lechon kawali and believe me, I've had my fill of that dish to last me a lifetime (long story.)

Surpisingly, I enjoyed Johnny Chow's version tremendously.  For one thing, it doesn't taste like lechon kawali and is not as oily and fatty.  This dish comes complete with 2 different sauces but they're good enough even without it.

Wan chai pork asado and lechon macau

 Oh!  And the pork asado's perfect, too.

6. Johnny Chow fried rice (Php230)

Johnny Chow's fried rice complements their dishes to a tee.  Tasty and very filling.

Johnny Chow fried rice

The Slightly Off

Asado crispy noodles (Php250)

Crispy noodles served with pork asado pieces and boiled egg slices.  I guess the asado used in this dish came from the same batch as our wan chai order.  It was delicious.  However, the sauce of the noodles is just plain salty.

Crispy noodles

I couldn't help but wonder if it was done on purpose since it will be used to sauce up dry fried noodles.  Go figure.

The Salty

1. Emperor wenzong chicken (Php330)

Emperor wenzong chicken is a crispy asian chicken dish served with sweet barbeque sauce with a lychee and cucumber salad.

Emperor wenzong chicken

The sauce was ok but the chicken was too salty.  Enough said.

2. Salt and pepper spareribs (Php325)

I've never been a fan of this dish even at other restaurants.  They're just too spicy for my taste.  However, at Johnny Chow's, it was the opposite -- not spicy but too salty.

Salt and pepper spareribs

In Conclusion...

Johnny Chow has a few misses but a lot of really good hits.  I'd definitely dine there again if only to have a sip of their Apple cinnamon tea.


Johnny Chow
2nd Floor, Newport Mall
Resorts World Manila
Pasay, Philippines
T       (+63 2) 659 8353


  1. I haven't been to Resorts World Manila, it's just too far.. >.< Given the chance though, I'd try Johnny Chow. I'm a big fan of salt and pepper spare ribs so Imma order that if we try this resto. Hopefully, it won't be as salty as the one you got to try.

  2. Yung apple cinnamon tea talaga yung pinaka nagustuhan mo ha. I love lychees so I'm sure magugustuhan ko yang sweet and sour fish fillet with lychee!

  3. never been in resorts world manila pero tapat lang to ng terminal 3. =)

  4. I nominated you for the versatile blogger award:)

  5. I like to try that pork asado and lechon macau combo, oh and the apple cinnamon tea too. :)

  6. For some reason, I noticed that people really have mixed reviews of the restaurants under the "Marvin Agustin" group---like how you described Johnny Chow--with good hits but still with a few misses. I've tried Mr. Kurosawa and I thought it was too expensive for the quality of the "fusion" Japanese food.

  7. thanks for the review! :) i love trying out the restos in RWM! will make a mental note of this one :)

  8. Haven't tried Johnny Chow yet, parang medyo pricey. :)

  9. @Sumi Go: I've read other reviews that mentioned that dish. It was ok naman daw so maybe we were in on a day lang. It happens anywhere you go. =)

    @anney: Yup! I'm a huge fan of apple cinnamon tea! Sarap e. Hehehe! I like cinnamon kasi. =D

    @michi: That time was my first time to visit RWM. It was ok. Lots of shops selling luxury goods and plenty of restaurants. =)

    @QUEENIE G.: Thank you very much! =)

    @Guia Obsum: They're really good. =)

    @The Sunset Goddess: I've noticed that too. Well, they can't win them all, I guess. =)

    @Hazel: Welcome. =)

    @michymichymoo: A little pricey nga. =)


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