Monday, March 19, 2012

A Day of Pampering at Asian Clinic

I felt like such a manang (old woman) last year.  Prevented from using hair treatments because of the pregnancy and then facing the challenges of adjusting to my new mom roles had me at such a fix that I find myself foregoing my usual beauty regimens.  Pathetic, I know!

December was a different matter though.  Knowing that a number of events were lined up for me and the family (including the Little One's baptism), I just knew I had to venture out and do something with my hair.  Good thing, too, as my Asian Clinic voucher from's kuponan was just about to expire.

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I really didn't know what to expect when I bought the voucher.  Having been a loyal customer of David's Salon since 2003, I have never ever had my hair done in any place else since then.  I'm a very picky client and I've been known to cry (no kidding) if I don't like the style done to my locks.

All I knew about Asian Clinic was (1) their location and (2) they received good feedback from customers who also bought the similar voucher I had for the same head to toe pampering session.  Nevertheless, I scheduled an appointment and gladly prepared myself for some much needed indulgence.

Come In.  We're Open.

The very first thing that entered my mind upon stepping inside the salon is "corner beauty parlor." 

Inside Asian Clinic

Admittedly, if this was a scouting trip, I'd nary give a place like this a second glance.  Like almost everyone I know, I've had my nightmarish fill of neighborhood beauty parlors -- the wrong cut, the too harsh chemicals, the unprofessional staff -- to last me a lifetime.  It took all my strength to prevent myself from doing an about face.

The decor reminded me of good, half finished, intentions.  The owner might have had this grandoise idea of setting up their shop to have a more French countryside feel, but me thinks the lack of a budget may have deterred this project from actually looking as it should have been in her vision.

Reminds me of good, unfinished intentions

But I should have known better than to judge a book by it's cover.  What really stopped me from turning back was this.

Wall of appreciation

Asian Clinic plastered small notes of appreciation from their satisfied customers in a portion of their wall.  Further scrutiny showed that handwritting styles on the notes varied and were obviously written by differnt people so I deemed it safe enough to proceed.  J

The Services

My voucher included a total head to toe pampering session which included a L'oreal extenzo hair rebonding, cellophane, haircut, blowdry, foot spa session, manicure and pedicure, and all of this for only Php999!  So you see, it was just too good a deal to pass up regardless of how the place looks.

Once inside, I was cheerfully ushered into a seat and asked to fill out an info sheet.  It was a nice gesture as the form asks their customers for allergies to certain chemicals and if there were specific beauty-related services that they had had done prior to their appointment with them.  It gives Asian Clinic personnel an idea of what to use and if there are any restrictions to their current sessions.

With all the services included in a single voucher, it was a good thing that I scheduled an appointment for 9:00 a.m. and that the staff knew beforehand just what to do.  So while my hair was being treated (anyone who's had her hair relaxed knows how long the whole process takes), I has already enjoying my footspa...


... and mani/pedi.


The Results?

I couldn't be a more happy customer!  My nails were done perfectly, minus the pain I'd usually experience from other neighborhood beauty parlors.

You won't usually find me wearing colored nail polish.

And my feet came out looking fresh and pristine.

So fresh!

And my hair?  It's as if I had it done at my regular salon (minus the hefty price tag)!  So happy!

Photo taken during the Little One's baptism, a few days after my rebond session.

Any Downsides?

This being a neighborhood beauty parlor, expect the staff of be a little noisy at times.  I was armed with a thick paperback that time but couldn't concentrate because of the talk happening all around me.  They do have a TV so it's either you watch whatever show's on or, in my case, talk to your very lovely and attentive hair dresser.

I Recommend...

1. Setting an appointment really early.  As my hair dresser told me, they are offering the head to toe pampering package on a number of group buying sites and are swamped everytime.  I came in at 9 in the morning and we finished everything by 6 early evening.  Yes, it took that long.  So imagine if you came in at a later time. 

Another advantage of getting an early appointment is you avoid being placed inside their "other" makeshift parlor area with the closed windows and the AC on full blast.  This might cause problems for those with asthma as the fumes from the hair rebonding chemicals circulate inside this poorly ventilated place.

2. There was also an instance when my hair dresser used a broken old hair iron on my locks during the final stages of the rebonding session.  It burned some strands off my head and hurt like crazy everytime it caught my hair in between the plates.  If this happens, I strongly suggest you ask for a new iron lest you endure the rest of the session in agony.

Other than those mentioned, I think Asian Clinic delivers good results and are well manned with friendly and approachable personnel.


Asian Clinic Skin Care Science and Slimming Center
4658 Cuangco St. corner South Super Highway
Goldrich Mansion, Pio del Pilar
Makati, Philippines
T          (+63 2) 758 2589 / 728 5263


  1. 9-6pm, ang tagal ha but P999 is really a good deal. =)

  2. I bought the same voucher early last year but from a different group buying site, MetroDeal. Since I don't remember the interiors from the photos above, I would assume I was in the "other" makeshift parlor area ^_^

  3. I brought my best friend here last time to treat her to a rebond session. And the place actually looks a bit dangerous to be in at night, hehe. But they rebonded her hair very well so we have no qualms about it. Aaaah, I hope I'll have my pampering day soon. XD

  4. That's a very good deal! :D I mean, in some salons, 999 pesos is only for a rebond session (sometimes kulang pa nga!). I hope there will be more deals for Asian Clinic. Would like to try it out sometime. :)

  5. I need a pampering sesh really badly.

  6. @michi: I agree. My regular hair treatment session usually costs me aroung 3K. =(

    @Gisela Tanabe: Baka nga Ghie. =)

    @Aileen: Yup. Another reason to get a really early appointment. Hehehe! =D

    @Karla: It is. Just be wary of the things I mentioned lang. =)

    @Wonder Woman: I needed one talaga that time. Felt like such a manang na kasi. =)

  7. Replies
    1. That time, yes. =)

      I'm not sure for the current ones now. =)

  8. Hi!:) Your blog is really helpful. I just wanted to know kung alam niyo po papano pmunta dun? any landmarks po will help. I'm from the South kasi, I'm not familiar with the place. thanks!:)

  9. Hi!:) Your blog is really helpful. I just wanted to know kung alam niyo po papano pmunta dun? any landmarks po will help. I'm from the South kasi, I'm not familiar with the place. thanks!:)

  10. Hi! :) Your blog is really helpful.:) I just wanted to ask po how you got to the location, any landmarks will help. :) Im from the South po kasi, dont have any idea how to get there. Thanks!:)

  11. Hi Rysse. I'm realy sorry for the very late reply. It's been crazy here at home that I rarely get to reply to messages and bloghop now. Really sorry.

    Anyway, you might find this link helpful. =)

  12. Hello Ma'am! bumalik po ba kyo ulit for another rebond dun?? is there any chance that you have a picture of ur hair after the rebond? :)

  13. did you came back for another rebond there? do you have a picture of your hair after the session?

    1. Hi! Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to go back again for a repeat. Sorry. This post also contains a photo of my hair after the rebond (please see above post).

      Hope this helps. =)

  14. Hello Everyone
    I just want to adviice and warn to all that thinking want to their hair beautiful!! please DONT ever think to go Asian Clinic Salon bec. they are not good enough!! I was there last
    January to do my hair done is called * L’Oreal Extenzo Rebonding + cellophane + haircut*
    First they dont wash my hair before applying rebonding to my hair, after rebonding they iroining my hair.. i told you,,,it was suck because my hair was so smoke like burn and yes its burn my scalp.. And im so worried so iask Kuya Emerson .. if this neccessary that my hair is smoking like burning and emerson answered me yes ! because of iron thing.. while they enjoying burning my hair i cant magine how my hair looks like when im done,, After 2 hours my hair done and in the next day still fine. After 3 days i found out that my inner of my hair was burn and so damn destroy!!! and every time im sweating my hair can even comb because of the burn part of my hair and until now i have too much trouble to comb my hair because they tanggle each other because of a lot of my hair parts was burn!! Oh and about cellophane i choose to have burgandy but can even see on may hair that they put some color ..Now my hair was ruine and destroy!! thanks so much ASIAN CLINIC SALON !! to destroy my hair!!! :( ;( ;( ;(

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience. I hope you were also able to file a complaint with them too so they are aware of what happened.

  15. i wonder why their price its too cheap !! it because they just destroy your hair and i think they are not really educate as hairstlylist or hairdressing.. when i was there last Jan.. Yung isang nakasama ko last january na nagpagawa rin ang hair nagrereklamo dahil bakit di muna banlawan ang hair bago lagyan nang gamot and natakot sya noong nakita nyang umuusok nang sobra ang buhok ko sa plantsa..kaya panay ang reklamo at tanong nya! ay wonder why anu din kaya nangyari dun sa buhok nya?? nasira din kaya tulad nang buhok ko!!
    Kung nandyan pa sana ako sa bansa im make suere na magbabayad sila sa ginawa nila sa buhok ko and to close their salon!!!

  16. i wonder why kaya pala mura dahil sisirain at susunugin lang ang buhok mo tulad nang ginawa nila sa buhok ko.. Last jan. one of client nagrereklamo bakit daw di muna banlawan ang buhok bago lagyan nang gamot?? habang pinapanood niya nang pinaplantsa ang buhok ko panay ang ask nya at reklamo kung bakit ang usok anng buhok ko na parang sinusunog..dahil sa sobrang usok ang sagot lang nila ganyan talaga kasi sa plantsa habang pinaplantsa nila buhok ko naririnig ko na parang napuputol ang buhok ko kaya di ako mapakali noong pinaplansta ganon din ang nakasabayan ko,,panay ang reklamo dun sa salon..Anu kaya ang nangyari sa buhok nya nasira din kaya tulad ko kaya parehas kami nang reklamo hanbang pinaplansta buhok nmin..!!!
    sayang wala na ako sa bansa at kung nandyan pa sana ako il make sure na magbabayad sila and to close their salon!! I hope wala nang susunod na masisisra na buhok ang ASIAN CLINIC SALON!!!!


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