Monday, June 25, 2012

Garrett Popcorn Shops in Singapore

I usually associate popcorn with movies.  Whether it was a riveting cartoon or a sappy local comedy, my movie-going experience just isn't complete without those popped, and oftentimes burnt, pieces of corn kernels.

Back in the days (I feel so old!), popcorn usually came in 3 flavors: plain salted, buttered or cheese (the 3rd one being my most favovite.)  But now, we see a prolifiration of "gourmet" popcorn shops invading the market.  One of those offering these here in Singapore is Garrett Popcorn Shops.

Madir and the Little One in front of a Garrett Popcorn Shop
beside Universal Studios Singapore

Opened in 1949 in Chicago, USA, Garrett Popcorn Shops sell delicious gourmet air popped popcorn mixed in with a special blend of flavors made from secret family recipes (is it just me or is it beginning to sound like KFC?)

Garrett popcorn in different sized containers

Here in Singapore, flavors offered include Plain, Buttery, CheeseCorn, CaramelCrisp, and The Chicago Mix (made up of a combination of CheeseCorn and CaramelCrisp.)  Prices range from S$4 (Php130*) to 300+ (Php9,900*) depending on the bag/gallon size and flavor.  Sizes range from small bags to 6.5 gallon tins.

Garrett popcorn tins

Hubby loves their CaramelCrisp flavor.  Not too sweet and kernels are popped to perfection (no hard unpopped pieces here, folks.)


Just look at all those popped kernels generously coated with caramel...yummy!  And believe me, every single one of those things come as soaked as these.

The Chicago Mix is the best seller.  Salty and sweet at the same time, it's truly addicting. 

Popcorn from Garrett's is truly a taste sensation.

Tin cans all in a row


Garrett Popcorn Shops

*S$1 = Php33


  1. Yung parmesan flavor namn ng Chef tony's gourmet popcorn ang fave ko dito sa pinas.

  2. Php 9,900? Seriously? Matitinga ba ako sa diamond niyan? :)

    1. Hehehe! 1 small bag is more than enough for 2 to share. No need to buy the bigger size. =)

  3. Just looking at the photos makes me crave for Caramel popcorn

  4. Uber love it too! My fave is caramel pecancrisp :) way way better than chicago popcorn shops in manila

  5. Similar to Chef Tony's popcorn here in the philippines! :) But wow, aabot ng Php 9000 for popcorn!! EXAG! HAHA :)


  6. Hi, ur right.. Iba iba na nga flavor ng popcorn ngayon khit dto sa pinas :)

  7. Ooooh, my daughter loves popcorn! I can only imagine how yummy Garrett's is.

  8. I should include this in my list...planning to visit singapore:) thanks for the info!


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