Monday, January 16, 2012

Little Miss OC's Kitchen

There's this small basement stall at Rockwell's Power Plant Mall that never fails to catch my attention whenever I am within the area.  Selling mostly sweets, what holds me captive is not just the obvious call of devilish desserts to satisfy my sweet tooth, but also how their products fill my eyes with their visual appeal.

Cupcake and brownies from Little Miss OC's Kitchen

Owned by a small home baking business known as Little Miss OC's Kitchen, their products have slowly gained a steady following not only for the taste of their sweet desserts, but also for the way they they have been decorated and presented. 

Cupcake with 3D Toppers

The way Little Miss OC's Kitchen molds their cupcakes' 3D figures and toppers into well-known characters and mainstream items is just plain amazing!  That being said, I just couldn't help but buy me one of these. 

I may not have an LV but I can gladly say I ate one, right?

And you thought Cupcakes by Sonja were expensive?  This cuppie cost me a pretty penny.  Php150 to be exact.  But unlike my previous Sonja's cupcakes experience (read my previous post here), I was totally floored by this particular chocolate confection.  So moist and tasty!  Not too sweet.  Just right.

The toppers are also 100% edible.  I do would have to suggest that you share it with a friend as finishing 1 whole leaves you with a feeling of... uhmm... nakakaumay (apologies for I don't know the correct English word to use for this). 

Two Bite Brownies

Another really great item from Little Miss OC's Kitchen are their Two Bite Brownies, selling for Php150 for a pack of 18.

Two bite brownies

And like their cupcakes, these brownies are so chocolatey and moist, as well.  Yum!

Two bite brownies (actually takes 4 bites for me to finish one off.  Heheh!)

Visually Addicting!

I got so hooked on Little Miss OC's Kitchen because of these 2 items that I just couldn't resist browsing through their official FB page for more visual treats (pictures taken from

Hello Kitty!

Sesame Street.  I'd love to have this for the little one's 1st birthday.

Angry Birds

Not Just for the Sweet Tooth

Little Miss OC's Kitchen also sells savory dishes like Beef Lasagna (Php1,800 per pan) and 2 Bite Quiches (Php650 to 700 depending on the type), among other things.


Little Miss OC's Kitchen
109 Magallanes Avenue
Magallanes Village, Makati City
T     (+63 2) 853 1321


  1. How much is the Hello Kitty cake and Angry Birds cake? I'd love to buy these cakes for my little bro and little sis. :)

  2. P150 for LV cupcake, cheap na. hehe!

  3. Wow, love how these sweet treats look.. Especially the details on the LV cuppie! Your descriptions are very enticing, and I want to get some of them soon.. :D

  4. if it were me, I would probably end up taking home the LV on top of the cupcake and stare at it for days. lol :D sayang, the sesame street cake looks so good, perfect sana nung first birthday ng son ko :)

  5. OMG they're too pretty that I don't think I'd have the heart to eat them... :| I might just display them and preserve them instead. LOL.

  6. cute cakes!! :D i don't think i can eat pretty cakes like that, i might just stare at them haha ;D

  7. visually tempting! but i would have to agree with the others, i might end up not eating them but just stare at them hahaha...

  8. Napangiti naman ako nong makita ko yung mga green pigs sa last image. Pati pala sila sinali ang Angry Birds. ^_^

  9. Please join my blog giveaway here Thank you.

  10. Wow, this is the most sossy cupcake I've seen. :) I seldom go to Rockwell, but I will definitely check this out once I get there.

  11. @michymichymoo: Not sure. You'll have to inquire through the sites. =)

    @michi: Hehehe! Oo nga, if you think of it that way. =)

    @Sumi Go: We bought these from theirl stall in Rockwell during the Baker's fair. Not sure if they have other locations too since from what I understand, most of their transactions are done online. =)

    @gie: To be honest, I bought the cupcake so I just practice my food photography. But they were just so good too. Better than most of the cuppies I've tried. =)

    @Christian | Lakad Pilipinas: A little. But this is definitely worth the price. =)

    @Aileen, Hazel, & wendy: Yup. Very tempting indeed. =)

    @Ishmael Fischer Ahab: Well, uso e. Hehehe!

    @Charmagne Ramos: Visited your blog! =)

    @Helen: They're really cute. =)


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