Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Organics on Parade: ORYSPA

I would like to think that we are becoming a more conscious nation.  What is usually considered taboo can now be explained by the sciences.  We are more aware of the environment and the factors that affect it.  We are even more perceptive of the future and what may happen if we continue on this dangerous path.

This mindset has even invaded our fashion sense.  We are now more into items -- whether cosmetics, clothing or whatnot -- made from natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals.

Enter ORYSPA, a relatively new brand that aims to educate consumers about the benefits of beauty products made from rice bran.

ORYSPA products

ORYSPA, named after oryza sativa (the rice bran's scientific name), retails products made from rice bran -- the brown outer layer of rice kernels -- and its oils.  Proven to promote flawless complexions, their line of aromatherapy, spa and personal care goods has steadily gained a faithful following due to its effectiveness and reasonable prices.

I love their Rice Bran Meditation Balm (Php85 for a travel sized container and 230 for a 40g. tub.)  Made from rice bran and other essential oils, this cooling and smoothing balm immediately relieves body aches and pains.

ORYSPA Rice Bran Meditation Balm

I suffer from what I like to call "baby wrist," a condition wherein my carpus constantly hurts due to carrying the Little One for most of the day.  Everytime the pain gets really unbearable (which usually occurs at night), I just simply massage the balm on my wirst for instant relief.

I love its non-greasy feel plus the smell -- reminds me of lemon-flavored menthol candies.  Yum!

Another product I also recommend is their Rice Bran Calming Baby Powder (Php183.)  Made from rice bran (of course), corn starch and essential oils; it quickly absorbs wetness and mousturizes the skin.

ORYSPA Rice Bran Baby Powder

And since it's made from corn starch, it's safe for the Little One to use.  Yey! 

Angel's Breath, is the you?

Oh!  And another plus, it smells so much like Angel's Breath colognes!  And I'm such a sucker for those scents!  =D

And did I mention these are all locally manufactured products?  Not only will you feel relaxed and refreshed, but you're supporting our local communities as well.  Isn't that something?  =)


To learn more about ORYSPA and their products, please visit or the ORYSPA facebook page.


  1. Angel's Breath! Wow, that'd surely bring back some childhood memories for me. :)

    I've been trying out some "organic" stuff lately, will give this a try. Thanks for sharing!

  2. @Bee: Please do. For the moment, they sell at select stores in Laguna but you can also also order online. ☺

  3. It is parabens free, you get a lot of benefits for affordable price and most of all pinoy made. So proud of it. Champorado scrub feels better than the korres scrub or philosophy brand which are way more expensive.. hope they keep up the quality


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