Monday, July 18, 2011

STYLE FOR LESS: Juicy Couture's Pedigree Jelly Strap Watch vs. Unisilver Time's Watch

THE SPLURGE:  Juicy Couture's Pedigree Jelly Strap watch - women's line ($195)

I am so in love with Juicy Couture products.  They come out with such chic and girly accessories that never fail to catch my attention anytime.  Marketed as a high-end clothing store at an affortable price (?!  As read in their wikipedia post), Juicy Couture has indeed caught the attention of fashionistas the world over.

I am so lovin' their women's line of Pedigree Jelly Strap watches selling for $195 (or approximately around Php9,000 - using the $1 to Php45 conversion rate).

Surrounded by a crystal bezel and a really comfy jelly strap, its the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Photo from

THE STEAL: Unisilver Time's KW751-1102 model watch (Php2,395)

For a less expensive alternative, why not try a Unisilver Time watch (model: KW751-1102) selling for only Php2,395.  Just goes to show that Unisilver is indeed serious about playing with the big boys.

Photo from the Unisilver Time website


  1. I love how the design is in between sporty and chic. <3

  2. WOw...parang gusto ko...hahhaa thanks for the info:)

    ang ganda:)tumbling na naman ang

  3. @Madz: I agree. Its such a nice, catchy contracst. =)

    @peachkins: Yup. Tapos at a much less expensive price pa. =)

    @SunnyToast: I agree. Cute nga e. =D

  4. Quite similar nga. Definitely SAVE on this one, rather than splurge! =)


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