Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Food Tripping at Dusit Thani Manila (2 of 3)

Eating is a favorite past time of both Hubby and I.  We just love trying out new places to chow down.  And our staycation at Dusit Thani Manila provided us with another opportunity to loosen up our belts and hanker down for some well-deserved treats!


We don't normally order food through room service but since Hubby and I checked in on Good Friday, we had no other choice but to do so.  Our orders? 

- Ham, tomato and mozarella in basil-flavored focaccia bread sandwich with side salad (Php300 plus) for me;
- Kare-kare with rice (Php525) for my home-sick Hubby;
- a glass of mango juice (Php205) and iced tea (Php200 plus) to wash it all down.

The Kare-kare, especially the bagoong, was superb!  And it came in such a huge portion too.  As for the sandwich, I really loved the basil-flavored focaccia bread.  Unfortunately our orders came a little late, hence the bottom got soaked and a little soggy due to the mozerella.

Anyone who has read my previous posts knows that I love real fruit in my juices.  Dusit Thani Manila's mango juice doesn't disappoint.  Same with their iced tea (a house blend) that Hubby loved to bits!


And of course, who could ever pass up on a good hotel buffet breakfast?  Served at Basix, one of their signature restos, the breakfast buffet  fare consisted of both Eastern (Filipino, Indian, Chinese and Japanese); and Western-inspired dishes

Their must-trys?  Their oh-so-creamy chocolate milk and chicken teriyaki.  Avoid the hash brown, though.  Didn't like it at all.  =(


  1. A very honest review! Everything looks so yum and the atmosphere is very welcoming and warm!


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