Monday, March 28, 2011

REVIEW: Nia's Bamboo Cuisine

On our way back to Manila via Kalibo airport, we were quite surprised to find that our Philippine Airlines flight would be delayed for a couple of hours. Meaning to pass the time and appease our growling tummies, the family decided to have a light, early dinner in one of the nearby restaurants found outside the airport terminal.

And, hence, we found ourselves in Nia’s Bamboo Cuisine, highly recommended by manang tindera (vendor) from whom we bought some native sweets beforehand.

Don’t expect Nia’s to be fancy, though. The fa├žade is actually quite simple but I am impressed with the use of bamboo all throughout the establishment. Along with a native thatched roof, complete with plants and little pottery landscape touches; it gives off a very native, homey feel.

Order their Chicken Burger, one of the bestsellers, which sells for only Php65. My only gripe would be the type of bun used, but it is only my own personal opinion as I am not too fond of white bread, having been used to eating the wheat variety for so long.

We also tried their Tuna Sandwich (Php60) -- tasty but not that exceptional.

Their French Fries (Php90 for the regular size), on the other hand, was superb! A perfect side for their sandwiches. It was so good that we ordered another serving since one couldn’t satisfy us, which also explains the lousy picture I have below (sorry, was so engrossed on enjoying the fries, I forgot to take a picture when it first arrived at the table.)

For desert, why not try their Halo Halo (Php75). They never scrimp on the sahog, very generous plus it's topped with ube ice cream. Yum!

So next time you find yourself visiting Kalibo, why not drop by Nia’s Bamboo Cuisine for a while?


Nia’s Bamboo Cuisine
Kalibo Airport, Pook Kalibo, Aklan

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  1. like the deco with bamboo, so breath taking, my house is full of bamboo deco too, from sofa and everything else.


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