Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FAB FINDS: Cheap Souvenirs from Boracay

Vacations are simply not complete without bringing home a few trinkets for family and friends. But if you think souvenirs in Boracay cost an arm and a leg, well, you thought wrong.

D’ talipapa also boasts of a number of stores selling various trinkets and knick-knacks in all shapes and sizes.

From t-shirts to sarongs, slippers to jewelry to cell phone charms, there’s something for everyone! The choices are endless.

Here are a few pieces from my haul, accomplished after half a day of shopping at d’ talipapa:

Tip: Haggle, haggle, haggle!

Wire bracelets selling for Php120
Wooden mobile charms - 8 pieces for Php100
Wooden keychains - originally selling for Php100 for 7 pieces; was able to haggle for 8 pieces for Php100 instead
Wooden magnets - 8 pieces for Php100
Fresh water pearl bracelets - originally sold for Php50 each; was able to haggle the price to 5 pieces for Php100

Seashell cases - Originally sold for Php50 each; haggled price to Php40 each
Seashell and fresh water pearl necklace and bracelet set - Php120 for each set
Fresh water pearl stud earrings - Php50 each for medium-sized ones; 3 pieces for Php100 for smaller pieces

Boracay beach bag - Php100

Happy shopping!  =)


  1. Thanks to your blog! I finally got to check the price range of the pasalubongs that I can find in Boracay. By the way where the D'Talipapa located?

    Thank you

  2. @Anonymous: Hmmm...I cant exactly tell you the exact address but I can sort of give you an idea where it is. Its near the beachfront of station 2 but to get to d' talipapa, you'll have to enter a side street from the beach front. You'll notice the street immediately since its right beside a small coffee house (name escapes me as of the moment) plus there's a sign hanging by the road pointing to where it is. Just go straight ahead and you'll be sure to see it. =)


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