Saturday, May 29, 2010

TeamManila Lifestyle Warehouse Sale Part 2 Review

I've been meaning to buy hubby a few shirts at the TeamManila sale last weekend, but unfortunately, I missed it.  Thankfully though, they decided to have another one this weekend and I for one, was definitely not going to make the same mistake again.

TeamManila is known for their artistic take on everyday Filipino culture.  From the mundane jeepney to their iconic Rizal in shades, this brand has long been a favorite of those wishing to show off some Pinoy pride.

Upon arrival, I was a little surprised at the set-up:

Yes folks, their warehouse is a well...residential house, apparently located in a well-known subdivision.  They even have Lito Atienza as a neighbor!  Didn't see him there though.  If you didn't know better, you'd just might think this was an ordinary garage sale.

We arrived around a few minutes before 9 in the morning and already the place was slowly filling up.  Shirts are placed inside plastic crates so you'll have to really dig in to find sizes and designs you'd like.  Stupid me though I came in a dress (I was on my way home ok!) but it still didn't stop me from getting down and dirty.  =D

All items were being sold at either 30, 50 or 70% discount  They even posted a price list to prevent repetitious questions.  Very nice.

After 2 hours of digging, I came home with the following merchandise.

Shirts above were originally priced at Php550, 
was able to purchase 1 for Php165 and the other 2 for Php275 each

Ninoy shirt was selling for Php385, down 30%% from the original Php550 price.  The other 2 shirts were sold for Php275 and Php164.92, down 50 and 70% from the original selling price, respectively.

Pouch for Php120, down 70% from the original Php400 selling price

A few of my gripes: those crates are just too unorganized.  Shirts for men and women were mixed and you'd have to open the wrapping just just to check which was which. 

Shirt sizes and designs were also piled in the same way.  I guess they did try to organize the mess at first.  However in the ensuing chaos, the shirts might have just simply gotten mixed up.

I was also kinda hoping they'd sell some of their bags, but no dice.  They did have a few pouches on display but with very limited designs.

BEWARE OF THE PHP100 BIN!  This I emphasize highly.  When I was already lined up at the cashier, sales personnel suddenly came out with a Php100 bin.  Rushed on over just to find that most of the items inside were damaged.  Some had holes, some were frayed.  My suggestion, be satisfied with the 30 to 50% discounted items.  They have the same designs anyway.

All in all, I'd say it was a very satisfying shopping experience.  =) 

P.S. Did I also mention they accept credit cards?  =)


  1. wow kainggit..late notice sakin to..=(

  2. Sayang! Pero grabe talaga! Chaotic. Hehehe! Pero sulit naman. =)


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