Sunday, May 30, 2010

Restaurant Review: Grappa's

Lunching out with the whole HR team is a real treat.  Since this is a free lunch (thank you Firm outing budget!) and we rarely get a chance to see how crazy we really are outside of work, we were set to relish whatever gastronomical feats and antics that were in store for us that day.
A stone's throw away from the office sits Greenbelt 3, in the heart of Makati's commercial district.  Like an oasis amidst a desert of concrete, Greenbelt, along with the other well-known Ayala malls, houses, among others, a number of restaurants serving up every possible type of cuisine.  One of which would be our main destination that fine, but extremely humid, Tuesday morning -- Grappa's, Italian word for brandy, -- which specializes in uhmmm.... Italian cuisine.  =)

The decor, exquisite enough.  Only problem I had was their inkling to play hiphop music.  Doesn't help much with the ambiance.

Vineyard scene.  Reminds you how they make that wine your currently tasting.  Hmmmmm..feet...

I realize that I have an unsatiable need to take a picture of the ceiling of every restaurant I've been to.   
Hmmm..wonder what Freud says about this.  =D


Very frendly staff

To start off, complimentary bread with pate

Good thing I love liver!

I am very wary of restaurants who provide complimentary (READ: FREE!!!) appetizers, since it generally means there is a long wait ahead of you before the main course.  I might be wrong though, but tell that to the restos I've been too.  Nevertheless, Grappa's did very well on this simple appetizer.

Our medley of drinks, plus shots of beer! 

Fruit shakes cost Php120.  I had the 4 seasons and it was a good thirst quencher.

Grappa's also offers Piro Praha beers (dark and light) for Php60 to 210.  Not sure if you want one?  Request for a taste test first before ordering.

The good thing about eating in huge groups is you get a chance to sample a lot of courses.

Prosciutto Mango (Php420)

Prosciutto Crudo al Melone (Php420)

Both dishes are fruit (in this case, mango and melon) slices wrapped in Parma ham and served with gorgonzola cheese.  Separately, the ham and the cheese are not much to my liking.  However, pair them up with the fruits...heavenly!

We also had quite a number of pastas and pizzas.

Ravioli di Spinaci E Ricotta (Php310)
Dish comprised of Spanish ricotta, white wine and cheese

Fettuccini con Gamberetti E Funghi (Php450)
Pasta with shrimps and assorted mushrooms

Linguine Tutto Mare (Php380)
Pasta with assorted seafood in tomato sauce

Pizza Clarissa (Php460)
Tomato and mozerella pizza topped with greens

Pizza alla Siccia (Php450)
Homemade sausage, salami, tomato and cheese pizza

The pasta dishes were superb.  Ingredients used were so fresh.  I especially loved the Fettuccini con Gamberetti E Funghi.  The pizzas though, another thing all together.  Equally good and such a refreshing take. 

Grappa's also has one of the BEST creative restrooms I've seen thus far.  The walls are literally covered in old Spanish magazine pages.  Maybe has a dual purpose?


Grappa's is located at the following branches:

2nd floor, Greenbelt 3,
Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St.
Ayala Center, Makati City
(02) 7574897

215, Nicanor Garcia St.
Bel Air, Makati City
(02) 8995410

Special thanks to Ayen Abutal for the pictures.  =)


  1. Hi, first time here....StayTune. Following your blog too.

  2. i love italian food, anything pasta with a white sauce... carbonara, alfredo... you name it, i love it :)

    too bad i'm in malacca, where the most italian thing around is pizza hut -.-

  3. "Both prosciuttos are fruit (in this case, mango and melon) slices wrapped in Parma ham and served with gorgonzola cheese."

    Prosciutto is the ham, not the dish--fruit wrapped in ham.

  4. @Anonymous: Thanks for the clarification! I didn't know that. I might have written the sentence wrong though. =)

  5. Awww.... I missed this! :( Nice review, Tin! :D - Rosey

  6. Thanks Rosey! Sayang nga wala ka e. We missed you. In fairness, type ni Jer yung Proscuitto! Improving! =D

  7. The second pizza looks very appetizing. Kaya ko ata ubusin yang isang buo na yan. I'm craving for pizza these days. I want my pizza to be with thin crust, lost of toppings, mozzarella cheese and herbs. Yum!

  8. We're the opposite. I'm not really much into pizza this days naman. Hehehhe! Enjoy though! =)


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