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Kimono Ken

I was having some really mean sushi carvings a few weeks back.  Maybe my stomach also knew it was nearing Holy Week and decided that a few meatless days were in order.  Whatever the reason, I just knew I had to have some fast!

Good thing there was a Kimono Ken branch near our place.

Kimono Ken

A serving of their Sushi Moriawase (Php380) sure did hit the spot!

Sushi Moriawase

But since the Little One recently discovered a love for sushi rice and tamago (sweet Japanese egg), I now find myself having to begrudgingly share my plate with her (don't worry, as she is only allowed the cooked makis and sushi.  Never the raw ones.  Not yet anyway); hence the need for us to order another dish.

We went with their sweet and savoury Sukiyaki (Php330) which was good enough for 2 adults (the Husband and I) plus the Little One to share.

Sukiyaki for 2 and a half people

Another noodle dish, this time for only the Husband to devour, an order of Yaki-Udon (Php220) to complete our lunch.


Sauteed thick noodles with pork and vegetables.  The Husband savoured every bite.

Everything was really good until, that is, we took a sip of our Kimono Ken's Special drink (Php75).  A blend of various fresh fruit juices, it was sweet with a slightly unusual, slimy texture (I think it was the guava portion that did it.)

Kimono Ken's Special

I believe it's more for an acquired taste as we saw almost all the tables with at least a glass of this.  Guess we need to get used to it more.

Regardless, we still had a great meal.  Kudos, too, to the attentive staff.


Kimono Ken
Lower Ground Level, Shangri-la Mall Plaza
Mandaluyong, Philippines
T     +63 2 632 9545 / +63 2 633 1516

Please visit the Kimono Ken website (click here for the site) for more information on menu items and branch locations.


  1. I'm in love with Kimono Ken! The best Jap resto for me :)

  2. Seems like your Little One is following your steps when it comes to eating. :-)

    1. It's been a long time coming na rin. She always sees me having sushi kasi (lalo na when in Singapore. Dami kasing cheap sushi dun na masarap din). And she's been pestering me since she was 1 to try it. E Hindi naman pwede. I read somewhere that kids can try sashimi or any raw sushi by 6 or 7 years old pa. But at least, she can have cooked sushi now. So ok lang. =)

    2. I'm a bad influence. Heheeh! =)


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