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Resorts World Sentosa Singapore's (Fairly) Newest Attractions: The Maritime Experiential Museum™ and Marine Life Park™

It's a known fact that Singapore is a small country.  But what it lacks in size, it definitely makes up for it in fun attractions both locals and tourists can enjoy.  Take Resorts World™ Sentosa's (fairly) newest attractions, The Maritime Experiential Museum™ and Marine Life Park™.

Xi De Li (西得利) Fried Dough Fritter (A Singapore Food Post)

An unforgettable childhood memory of memory of mine was eating a simple home-made doughnut during a particular trip to Mindoro to visit relatives back in the 1990s.  The pastry itself wasn't unusual (it was a simple dough coated with sugar); but what stuck to me was how it was cooked.  It was fried!  And me, naive as I was, always thought that doughnuts were baked, hence should be considered one of the lesser sweet treat evils.

This belief I held on to til the early 2000s when, as I was in the midst of trying to lose weight (a lot of extra poundage, believe me), I was finally made to see the reality that indeed doughnuts were fried (the horror!!!), and I regretfully had to let them go from my diet.  I vowed never a fried dough would touch my lips again (a promise I wasn't able to keep but I was able to relegate this sinful dessert as an occasional bi-yearly treat.  Hehehe!)

Now the Husband, God bless his mutant fast metabolism, is a voracious eater and no matter what he eats a…

A Quick Guide to Ordering Coffee Like a Singaporean

I’ve never been the type to order a cup of coffee at those expensive shops.I’ve just never developed the taste for it, I guess.In fact, the only caffeinated thing I can take in those types of cafes is a hot cup of cappuccino, and that’s only if I find myself out of the house and needing my regular afternoon caffeine fix.  So yes, I have to admit I’m actually quite content with a simple 3-in-1 instant mix from the store.

But ever since having my first cup of tarik (pulled) coffee with heaping spoonfuls of condensed milk in Singapore back in 2008, I now find that it’s a concoction that I’ve been craving for ever since.In fact, it’s so addicting that my mom became a convert when she stayed with us in the Lion City in 2012.Now, we always have to have condensed milk in the house just for our morning cuppa.

Oh No! Not Another Kaya Toast Review! (Tea Loft in Singapore)

NOTE: Yes folks, I know what you're thinking.  It's another kaya toast review!  Please forgive my enthusiasm and bear with me for one more post about this heavenly Singaporean snack. 
P.S. I, however, cannot promise to not write about them again in the future.J
I think one the dishes I miss the most in Singapore is kaya toast, a simple meal of toasted bread served with a sweet kaya (coconut jam) filling and thick slices of soft butter.Add 2 soft-boiled eggs seasoned with thick, molasses-like soy sauce and a cup of tarik (pulled) coffee with condensed milk, and you’ve got yourself one highly satisfying breakfast (or merienda -- afternoon snack, if you wish).
Considering this kaya toast is almost synonymous to Singapore asHainanese chicken rice, it’s no wonder that almost every hawker center and general food establishment has their own version.Sadly, not all of them can deliver the goods.
In the quest of satisfying my kaya toast cravings, I’ve dragged my little family to tons of…

STYLE FOR LESS: Giant’s Relax Chair vs. Ikea’s Poang Chair

I love Ikea!The products, their designs – all so simple and uncomplicated.They’re a brand after my own heart.I spend hours on end just going around the displays and imagining how our flat might look like with full sets of Ikea furniture and accessories (Hey!A girl can dream, right?J)
With such popularity, you can bet your boots that replicas will be coming out of the woodwork, most offered by discount stores and huge general supermarkets.And surprisingly, here in Singapore, it’s not that an unusual occurrence.

Yakitori from Tori Q (A Singapore Food Post)

The Husband always knew how to get into my good graces (which is one of the reasons why I married him in the first place.  J).  Case in point.  After the usual hectic weekday composed of nothing but the usual mom activities and duties, he would make sure to take home food on Fridays instead of me cooking dinner.  It's a fun ritual we've had whenever we're physically together as a family (a tradition we have kept up with wherever we are in the world provided we're all together.). 

And one of our favorite Friday take-away dinner treats, when in Singapore, is some scrumptious Yakitori from a Tori Q stall.

One Watery Meal at The Soup Spoon™, Singapore

In most cultures, a good, hearty soup is considered and served as a complete meal all of its own.And why not?Given the right ingredients, it does make for one balanced meal already.  It fills you up easily (great for those on a diet, wishing to suppress their appetites).  It's also great for the kids since sneaking in those valuable vitamins from veggies is easier when mixed with soup.
And here in Singapore, the best place to have one hearty, watery meal is at The Soup Spoon™.

Tapa King: Comforting Singapore-based OFWs Before Gerry's Grill

Very few people know this, but way before Gerry’s Grill entered the Lion City, Tapa King has already been making its presence known here in Singapore.

The 34th Manila International Book Fair 2013

We interrupt our Singapore-related posts to bring you this special message.  The 34th Manila International Book Fair  is starting today!!!

We'll finally be able to catch this year's fair!  Wohoo!!!  See you at the SMX Convention Center!  J 

Visit for more information.

Pasta de Waraku: A Japanese Casual Pasta and Cafe Restaurant in Singapore

I used to love watching those Japan Home Video shows on RPN9 (now known as Solar Television Network or ETC) during the late 80s to early 90s.  Living in the era when cable TV was but a luxury only a select few could afford, I’d usually while away my holiday, and most of my summer, vacation mornings (the curse of having no playmates during the Christmas break) watching these highly informative and entertaining programs (Yes, I’m weird that way).

Anyway, one of the many episodes that caught my attention was one where they featured Japanese sculptors making these fake dishes that look so real.These works of art were then used as window displays for restaurants, enticing potential customers with non-edible replicas of their gastronomic offerings.
Fast forward to 2008.The ex-BF (now the Husband) and I found ourselves craving for some tasty pasta for dinner one weekday night.Passing by a well-lit wooden establishment at the ground floor of a popular mall along Victoria Street, we couldn&…

Nando’s Chickenland in Singapore: Home of the Famous Extra Hot Peri-Peri-Marinated Fowl

Nando’s is a popular casual dining establishment originating from South Africa.It’s been making waves here in Singapore since 2010, mainly because of their grilled chicken dishes marinated in their special extra hot peri-peri (literally means "pepper-pepper"; refers to the African Bird's Eye chilli, a type of chili pepper grown widely in Eastern and Southern Africa) marinade.So it’s really no surprise that the Husband and I would be dining here on more than one occasion.

But what makes their chicken so darn special?

Gerry’s Grill: Comforting Singapore-based OFWs Islandwide

It’s a known fact that there are thousands of OFWs working in Singapore.This huge number equates to a number of our kababayans who are sorely missing some good, old Filipino home-cooking.So it’s really no surprise that a local restaurant would make it’s presence known here in the Lion City.
Enter Gerry’s Grill.