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Cursed by Carol Higgins Clark

I've detailed in a number of previous posts that the Madir has a soft spot for mystery writer, Mary Higgins Clark.  She religiously follows this author's works, which really says something especially since Ms. Clark has been writing since the 1970s.

This taste for Ms. Clark's works has, at some point of my various reading genre stages, caught me as well; and I did eventually find myself reading some of her early works and a few new releases.  They make for really nice, light reading and a respite from those emotionally heavy works.

Now apparently someone from her family has also got the same talent in writing.  Her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark, is the author of the hugely successful Regan Reilly series, stories of murder and suspense stories involving a rough and tough PI.

Now we may be fans of the mother; but we're not so much as snobs not to give the daughter a chance.  So buy a title we did -- Cursed.

Cursed by Carol Higgins Clark

Cursed is not the first in the series; if my research proves correct, it's the 12th novel.  This time, PI Regan Reilly finds herself helping out a dear friend, Hollywood hairdresser to the stars Abigail Feeney, catch a no good ex who borrowed a huge amount of money from her, money that belongs to her Grandma Feeney who is coming to L.A. to purchase a house using the money that was "borrowed".

Things go from bad to worse when her friend Abigail becomes a suspect in a murder investigation.  With time running out and Grandma's hour of arrival coming close, Regan and Abigail go everything in their power to catch a swindling ex and, perhaps, a murderer, too.

I consider Cursed light reading material.  It' not too heavy a read and can be finished in a few hours.  The story also takes place within a 24 time frame.  So its very fast paced and repetitive at times (like when Abigail constantly wails how cursed she is since she was born on Friday the 13th, etc.)

I also find that the novel follows a lot of the characteristics in a Mary Higgins Clark novel.  Not surprising since they are closely related; so it's quite possible that she might have gotten a few tips, mainly her use of extraordinary coincidences (i.e. the main characters almost always appear the the right place and time to locate their suspects), from her mother along the way.


  1. Haven't read a Carol Higgins Clark book, but I love her mom. Will grab one next time. :)

  2. I did a double-take when I read "Carol Higgins Clark" on your title.

    I read Mary Higgins Clark to! Actually read her stuff by accident. My aunt left some old books of her and I started reading them when I was in high school, I think.

    Hmm... Now I'm curious! Might drop by the bookstore soon :) Thanks for posting this!


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