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No Sakae Sushi Buffet For Me? (A Singapore Food Post)

The Madir and I first had lunch at Sakae Sushi in the Philippines a few years back.  We both are huge sushi and sashimi lovers and since the restaurant was new (that time), we decided that a visit was in order (who are we to resist a Japanese buffet, right?  And at a kaiten-zushi place pa.  So cool!)

Although I love their staff (will be forever thankful for the special consideration they gave us during our visit), the food was not as memorable as I would have wanted it to be.  Nothing too fancy; just on the average side.  It was an experience, nevertheless, one of which I look fondly at from time to time.

Now imagine my surprise when I found out that Sakae Sushi is a Singaporean brand (which, I guess, sort of explains the mad following and the number of outlets they have here in the Lion City).  So since I'm in their home turf, the Husband and I decided to give them another shot.

Interesting Display at TOPSHOP (Singapore, Circa 2008)

I was browsing through an old album of mine and saw this interesting photo I took during my very first trip to Singapore in 2008.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (A Singapore Food Post)

I'm not much of a fan of KFC here in Singapore (reasons of which I have stated in my previous post here); but I do so love my commercially-produced fried chicken.  So instead of the 11 herbs and spices one I'd usually indulge in in the Philippines, here I get my fowl fix with a Cajun twist and a biscuit on the side.

For you see, folks, while here in the Lion City, my fried chicken fast food brand of choice is Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

Grocery Shopping in Singapore

I've never really been much to do the grocery shopping at home in the Philippines.  I mean, really GROCERY SHOPPED as if the family's everyday nourishment depended on it.

I lived with the paternals (my Parents) for most of my life so the madir and padir were more or less in control of what type of food we'd have at home.  When I did start living on my own during my mid-20s, I'd usually opt to either eat out, have take out meals at my place, or simply survived with chicken and the makings of a lite salad in the fridge.  I knew how to cook a few dishes; but living alone made me really lazy to harness my inner culinary diva-ness.  Naks!

That being said, I've only appreciated the finer arts of grocery shopping when I moved here to Singapore to be with the Husband.  And let me tell you, it was a huge eye opener for me.

Kabayan Filipino Restaurant in Singapore

I must admit, the last time I've eaten at a turo-turo or carinderia (a type of eatery in the Philippines) was around 5 years ago.  Call me a snob; but you really can never know with these types of establishments.  They may not have the most sanitary of conditions.  Plus most offer food, although extremely friendly on the budget, that fall on the average side or worse, leaves you extremely disappointed.  Overly watery viands (that are not meant to be), highly salty or sweet meals, dirty utensils -- it's enough to make you do an about face.

But the life of a Filipino in another country is a lonely one; and food, aside from family, is what most OFWs usually miss from home.  So you take what you can; enjoy whatever you can get. 

And here in Singapore, most Pinoys flock to a small carinderia-like restaurant in Lucky Plaza aptly named Kabayan.

A Gravy-less KFC Meal in Singapore

In Singapore, there's no such thing as free, unlimited gravy (in KFC, that is).

twelve cupcakes: Handmade with Love (A Singapore Food Post)

I have a really bad sweet tooth.  It's often a curse, more so now that I am trying to lose a few pounds.  But alas!  I do indulge in a sweet treat once in a while.  Good thing Singaporeans also love their sweet stuff.  In fact, the dessert offerings here are numerous!  From the local treats to western influences, you'd find them all here, as well.

I've always believed you can go wrong with a cupcake.  And one of our favorite sugary treats here in Singapore are these cute tiny cakes from local brand, twelve cupcakes.

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre: Another Haven for Outlet Shoppers in Singapore

I did a blog entry a few months back about Changi City Point mall (read my full post here), a shopping center that houses a number of outlet stores here in Singapore.  It's a great place to relax, unwind, and to do a little bargain hunting. 

Its close proximity to the airport terminal (the mall is located outside the Expo station of the East West MRT line, just one stop away from the airport), also makes it such a popular last minute shopping destination for travelers.

The Lion City is truly a shopper's paradise as, yes, there is still another well-known mall here that outlet shops also call home -- the Anchopoint Shopping Centre.

That Warm Feeling from an Ajisen Ramen... (A Singapore Food Post)

Don’t you just love ramen?I know I do.And one of our favorite places to have this delicious noodle dish here in Singapore is at Ajisen Ramen.

Barcelos™ Flame Grilled Chicken (A Singapore Food Post)

I've been in and out of Singapore since 2008 since the ex-fiancee, now the Husband, is based here for work.  And one of the very first eateries he brought me to was Barcelos™ Flame Grilled Chicken.

My Fitness and Food Journal

The verdict's out!  I officially gained 40 lbs during pregnancy!  Huhuhu!  And now, after more than a year of giving birth, I find that I have thankfully lost most of the excess and am now a little stuck dealing with the final 10 pounds before being back to my old weight (I've read that these last 10 pounds are the hardest to break; so any tips would be highly appreciated please.  J)

Don't get me wrong.  I was never waif thin.  Having been an obese teenager in college and losing close to 60 pounds in a span of 2 years after graduation (a feat I am extremely proud of), I was never one to expect to be a size 2.  It was enough for me that I was already at a healthy weight that, although I was still a little meaty here and there, I was comfortable in.

So you can imagine my reasons for wanting to lose the extra pregnancy baggage after giving birth.  I also want my old clothes to fit again.  Mahal ng wardrobe change/replacement a!J

I am quite familiar with the ups and downs of …

Kaya Toast at Wang Café, Singapore

It’s a well-known fact that one of the best Singaporean breakfasts/snacks in existence is kaya toast.  A generous layer of kaya(a type of coconut jam), topped with a slice of soft butter, sandwiched in between very thin pieces of toast.  It's sweet and rich.  What's not to love?

A few pieces of this, coupled with soft boiled eggs and tarik (pulled) coffee, and you have yourself one filling breakfast/snack.Ever since having a serving of this simple, but completely satisfying, meal when I first visited Singapore last 2007, it’s got me craving for it ever since.  
I usually associate kaya toasts with Ya Kun Kaya Toast coffeestalls(FYI:  We also have them in the Philippines.  Read my review about them here.), one of the more famous eateries selling this delicious meal.But aside from them, another place that also serves a mean kaya toast is Wang Café.

A New Year; A Fresh Start for 2013

Happy New Year, everyone!!!