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Bundaberg Root Beer: The Taste of an Authentic Sarsaparilla (A Singapore Beverage Post)

I'm not much of a softdrink uhmm... drinker, but I do make the occasional exception for root beer.  I'm not sure why but I just seem to prefer it over any of the other carbonated drinks in the market.

Now, like most people, Sarsi is the very first thing that pops to my mind when I hear the word root beer (well, A&W also comes in at a close second, except it was not as commercially available as the former was before.)  But here in Singapore, there are no Sarsis (wonder if it's a local brand of ours.)  There are, however bottles of Bundaberg Root Beer, which I decided to try one time just to satisfy my sweet cravings.

A bottle of Bundaberg Root Beer

Now I know Sarsi's a long cry from the original root beers or sarsaparillas of old; but it's the only thing close enough or even remotely marketed as such that was accessible to us.  

Now Bundaberg Root Beers are in a different league altogether.  It boasts of having an authentic root beer taste -- sarsaparilla root, licorice and all the original stuff you might find in the real McCoy.

Not much fizz... just the way I like it.

The taste?  It was ok.  Not too sweet and has a really strong licorice taste.  I guess it's more of an acquired taste (or maybe Sarsi has already damaged my taste buds to the point of no return!!!  Noooooooo!!!)  J

Nevertheless, it's a good change from our sweet, old root beer drink.


Bundaberg Root Beer is available at all major grocery stores island(Singapore)-wide for S$1.50 (Php50*.)

*S$1 = Php33


  1. Yup, Sarsi is a local brand. Formerly owned by the RFM's Cosmos Bottling Company it was sold to another soda company. Remember the advertisement "hoy, hoy, bilib ako sa pinoy"? ha ha ha

    when i buy sarsi today, it's usually the sugar-free kind.

    i guess i have to bring sarsi to SG when i visit the place. its only about P15 per can here, ha ha ha

  2. Ang cute naman ng bottle! Naku yung tatay ko dati pag uminom ng sarsi nilalagyan ng fresh egg! yuk! hehe!

    1. I hear nga that it was done that way before. Although haven't tried it yet. =)

  3. This is the best rootbeer that I've tried so far :)

  4. Love your blog! ;) Followed you via GFC, hope you can follow back.


  5. One thing is for sure, the packaging doesn't look like our ordinary root beer can! :)

  6. I love this brand. we have it here in phil na:) at dahil sa sobrang love ko 2 I even extended my love and try ginger ale...hahahaha:)


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