Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meiji Chocolate and Strawberry Milk Drinks (A Singapore Beverage Post)

Just a short post on another well-known meiji product here in Singapore -- their low fat chocolate and strawberry milk drinks.

meiji chocolate and strawberry milk drinks

Can't exactly remember if we have these in the Philippines, but here in Singapore, they're available in most major supermarkets and grocery stores for S$1.25 (Php41*) for a small bottle.

meiji also offers other variants and flavors but these 2 are among my favorites (those, plus their low fat fresh milk.)  Just what I need after a stressful day.  Refreshing!

*S$1 = Php33


  1. May Meiji chocolate and strawberry milk drinks pala!Wala yata nyan dito sa Pinas.

  2. Haven't seen that yet in the grocery. Will double check. :)

  3. I should try this once i visit back singapore..thanks for the info:)

  4. Oh, I just love chocolate and strawberry milk drinks...seriously! They pick me up after a long day at work.


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