Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meiji Chocolate Bars

A very short post on 3 of my all-time favorite sweets -- Meiji chocolate bars!

Meiji dark, milk, and Himilk chocolate bars

Oh, Meiji chocolate bars!  Why do you tempt me so with your chocolate-y goodness and creaminess?  My diet abhors you but my palate longingly craves for you...  Dang DIE-t!!!  L


Meiji products are available in major supermarkets nation (Philippines) and island (Sigapore)-wide.


  1. Yummy! Don't deprive yourself! Go ahead and indulge! You only live once :). Ok, now I'm the devil's advocate :)

  2. ayyayy!!! now i'm craving narin tuloy :D sila din gumawa ng hello panda, tama ba?

  3. yeah..chocolate! diet buster talaga :)

  4. Meiji black ang lagi naming binibili ni sis! By the way yung noah's ark puro rooms ang nasa loob. Di ko lang sure kung pwede na mag check in dun.

    1. Kami din e. Eto pasalubong. Hehehe!

      Very interesting yung sa Noah's ark. Hope they'll have the rooms rented out in the future. =)


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