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Personalized Stationery by NikkiPrints

The thing with having a baby is that I sort of love telling it to the whole world.  Narcissistic much?  Hehehe!  So when Christmas came along, I just knew I had to get me one of these to adorn our gifts to friends and loved ones.

Personalized gift tags from NikkiPrints

I got me some personalized gift tags from NikkiPrints, a small business venture started out by Nikki Cipriano who, by the way, is a teacher by profession.  Coming across a photo of a personalized tag she did for one of our mutual acquaintances on Facebook, I immediately knew I had to order a few pieces for my very own.  J

These personalized gift tags are so cute, so versatile, and best of all, I don't have to keep on writing the same message and our names over and over again (yes, I'm lazy that way.  But wrapping gifts for 4 hours straight -- with no end in sight -- usually does that to you.)

From our family...

I love how it simply screams us -- quirks, craziness and all.  It gives such a nice touch to the gifts we gave out last holiday season.  J

Aside from these adorable tags, she also offers personalized planners...

The Little One's planner that I use to jot down her "firsts."

... and notepads, figures featured of which represent the recipients' occupations and loves.


Oh!  And the best part of all, their products sell for a waaayyy lower price as compared to those you find in major malls (please send her an email or PM through Facebook for the complete price list.)

So the next time you're stumped on what to give that special someone or simply wanting to show the world your personality, check out NikkiPrints and her wide assortment of personalized stationery products.

Stationery products from NikkiPrints


M      (+63 922) 893 5579


  1. aww I like! I saw something like this at the mall but quite pricey. hehe. I think I'm going to get one, next payday. lol :D naubos na sa online shopping allowance ko. hihi :)Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I like personalized gifts. At least you know the person was really thinking of you when selecting a gift :)

  3. like you, tamad din ko magsulat sa gift card. =)papapersonalized na din ako and i like the planner too. =) thanks for sharing!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi miss michymichymoo! :) Please send us a message at the link below:

      Thanks and God bless!

  5. @gie: Please do. They're really nice. =)

    @joei ♥: Yup. It makes the gift more special. =)

    @michi and laura: You're welcome. =)

    @michymichymoo: Sorry, Mich, but you'll have to ask her. In respect lang po to her wishes. I can tell you, though, it's waaayyy cheaper than those in the mall. =)

  6. Waaaaaah! I just read about this now and I am overwhelmed. ;)

    Thank you very much The Average Jane for writing about us! May God bless you and your family always! :O

  7. @NikkiPrints: God is working in ways we cannot see. Godbless ate <3
    @Tin: Godbless you as well


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