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Commemorating Life's Special Moments with an Angel Cheeks Figurine

I shared a room with my younger bro for 14 long years.  So imagine my excitement when I was finally given one of my very own when our family moved to Rizal (another looong and irrelevant story to the post.  J

One of my most cherished pieces of furniture then was this very simple study table that I personally picked out on the way to our new home.  Many a night and day did I spend writing down my thoughts to paper on that sturdy desk -- whether school-related or otherwise.  It held my precious diary under lock and key.  It even housed my then insignificant, but already growing, book collection.

But the thing I loved most about it was the glass display case at the top where I could place my collection of figurines.  Oh how I loved those small figures.  Porcelein, glass, resin, clay -- I loved them all.  And my relatives and friends knew me all too well that presents of these were what made my birthdays and any memorable celebrations bright.

Fast forward to the present and I find that these little figures I could no longer keep and bring with me to Singapore.  And so bit by bit, I parted ways with them, giving them to a tita who I knew would take loving care of them as much as I had.  A few very precious pieces I did keep, though. 

However, old habits are extremely hard to break.  And more often than not, I find that I still sometimes commemorate very special and important life events with a figurine or 2.

So when the Little One was born recently, I commemorated her birth with this...

Angel Cheeks!  J

I first discovered Angel Cheeks figurines at the World Trade bazaar a few years back.  In fact, it was one of my early Christmas gifts to the ex-BF (now Hubby.)  What drew me to them was their sweet, angelic faces and the innocence they just seem to project.

Whereas most figurines in the market vie for being able to capture people realistically, Angel Cheeks™, however, have a certain calming, cartoon-y factor.  I love looking at it all the time since it never fails to put a smile on my face.

Each figurine comes with this heart-warming message.  Conveys the exact sentiment that we want to share with our daughter.


I bought 2 Angel Cheeks figurines that I thought would definitely represent my Hubby and I as parents best.  For him, this adorable daddy playing with his little angel.  J


And since bath time is one of the Little One's and my special bonding moments, this one is absolutely perfect for me!  J

Bath time!

I simply love the attention to detail.

So pretty...

Makes perfect, memorable family heirlooms.  J


Angel Cheeks is a trademark of Kirk's Kritters© and can be purchased at select Toy Kingdom and Chicco branches nationwide for Php199.75.


  1. cutie!! I used to collect figurines but I'm too lazy to clean them so I quit.haha

  2. what a cute remembrance to pass on to the little one:-)

  3. Aaaaw. These are cute. :) My mum collects angel figurines.

  4. i'm not into figurines but these angels are really cute. i also love the message on the card.

    mukhang malapit na ang pag-alis niyo ha.

  5. I used to collect angels figurines highschool days...haist! remember those old good days! btw goodluck sa pag-alis mo!

  6. Ang ganda nga! First time I heard about Angel Cheeks. Meron pala sa toy kingdom. I want to collect this too in the future.
    Visiting from BC Bloggers!

  7. @michymichymoo: Ia gee with you sis! Cleaning's the worst part. That's why I always place them inseide a glass case. Hehehe! =D

    @wendy: Definitely, this one's going inside the family memory box soon. =)

    @A: Si nice. They have a really calming effect. =)

    @michi: Malapit lapit na sis. Keeping our fingers crossed as this is a new adventure for us yet again. =)

    @SunnyToast: Thanks, SunnyToast! =)

    @Paula: They have a lot of other designs as well. Very cute lahat. =)


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